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Useful Spanish Phrases You Need to Know For your Next Trip

English being one of the top 3 most spoken languages in the world, you would be right to think that most people would know basic English.
Especially in popular resorts and cities, right?
The answer is simply, no. Please don’t freak out and think you must become fluent before your next trip to Spain, there is really no need.
Locals here especially love it when people try and say a few Spanish Phrases, they enjoy that people are making the effort and joining in with the lingo. They often help out and give you a mini Spanish lesson too!
Keep reading for useful sentences you may need!


The Spanish are really friendly, I first of all didn’t know what to expect people to be like. All I knew is that it is a huge city, the only huge city I’ve been to before is London. I am not a fan of London, I don’t find the people that friendly and it seems too congested for me.
Barcelona couldn’t be more different, you will have locals greeting you no matter what time of day. Whether it is “hello”, “good morning” or “good night”, they appreciate that you are making an effort. Here are your first set of Spanish Phrases. 
Hello – Hola
How are you – ¿Como Esta?
Goodbye – Adios/Hasta Luego
I am good– Estoy bien
What is your name - ¿Como te llamas?
Thank you - Gracias
Please – Por Favor
Good morning - ¡Buenos días!
Good Afternoon - ¡Buenas tardes!
Good Night - ¡Buenas noches!

At the hotel

I love staying in hotels and hostels, I am staying in my first ever hostel in Rome in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to practice there.

Most staff members will know English as it is one of the third most spoken languages, but if you do find yourself in a situation where they know basic English try a few of these Spanish Phrases.

I will mention this several times, but if you make an effort the staff will love it and help you with your Spanish, they become friendlier too. 


I have a reservation  
 Tengo una reservación

Is breakfast included
¿Es desayuno incluido?

How far is
¿ A qué distancia está..?

What time is check in/check out
¿ Qué hora es registra/deja el hotel?

What is included in the room
¿Qué está incluido en la habitación?

What time is breakfast
¿Qué hora es el desayuno?

At a shop/restaurant

Ok, so if you go into a restaurant in a tourist area, you are bound to know English. If you are going off of the beaten track into a small village or part of Spain or just want to show off the lingo, then you will need to check out these Spanish Phrases.

In my experience, waiters really like when you try and speak the language, they get friendlier and help to improve your skills.

Plus, with a few glasses of vino or drink of your choice, out comes the liquid confidence and you are pretty much fluent! 


Gluten free               Sin gluten
I would like               Me gustaría
The bill please          La cuenta, por favor
How much is it         ¿Cuánto cuesta?
Do you have             ¿Tienes .... ?


I don’t want to put a gloom on things but, even on holiday you have to be prepared. Whether that is having a flight delay, someone gets ill or someone getting robbed. You HAVE to be prepared.

Before I delve into the Spanish Phrases, one tip is to make sure you know the emergency phone number in the country you go to. If that is Spain, a Spanish speaking country or anywhere else, just make sure you know.

If you are in a situation that you need help with, just say these words and people will know what to do. There are usually policemen about, especially in big cities like Barcelona, so you have lots of support around you. 


The police                La policía
The ambulance       La ambulancia
The Hospital            El Hospital 
The Doctors             El Medico
The Dentist              El/La Dentista 
I need help              Necesito ayuda


You can’t read a map, Google maps decide not to work or you just have a terrible sense of direction. Those 3 things happened to me when I first moved to Barcelona, despite knowing the language, I felt too embarrassed to speak Spanish.

Moving to a huge city is daunting, especially one as big as Barcelona which is filled with blocks of apartments where everything looks the same.

I ended up relying on my mother to help, she is where I get my ditziness from (if that is even a word), so I was impressed that she knew where she was going.

If you find yourself speaking to someone with little English or want to impress them, use these Spanish phrases to find out where you are going.

Where is          ¿Dónde está...?
To the left       A la izquierda
To the right     A la derecha 
Behind             Detras
To the side      Al lado de
In front            Delante de
Straight on      Todo recto


A bit of an obvious chapter to put in here but it has to be said that knowing your numbers is key.

Whether you are asking for a certain amount of drinks, looking for something under a certain price or looking for a street number.

Remember a few of these and you will be good to go! Well… at least 1 to 10!

1 – uno –   10 -  diez
2 -  dos -     20 - veinte
3 – tres -     30 – treinta
4 – quarto  40 - cuarenta
5 – cinco -   50 –cincuenta
6 – seis -      60 - sesenta
7 – siete -    70 - setenta
8 – ocho -    80 - ochenta
9 – nueve -  90 - noventa
100 - cien

So there we have it, my list of the most useful phrases you need to know for your next Spanish vacation!

If you want to keep practicing, I really recommend using Memrise. It is free to use (unless you go Pro), set up an account and make your own course with these words. You can practice them everyday and review them until you feel confident enough. 

Read my Memrise Guide on how to use the website and it's app. 

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