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Top Travel Apps to Use When You Visit Spain

I am part of a generation, whether I like it or not are becoming addicted or should I say, more accustomed to social media and technology.  

As much as I love my social media and phone, I do like to take a break from it sometimes. So many times I see people only focusing on their phones, for example out for dinner with their partner or walking down the street and I see how long it takes for them to realise they are about to walk into me!  

But I must say that I love my apps! Especially when I first moved here and I am sure it will be the same when I visit Rome for the first time in 3 weeks! 

Travel Apps are great for finding out answers quickly and also making you less look like a tourist and less vulnerable to being pick-pocketed, especially here in Barcelona.  

So if you want to make your holiday easier when you visit Barcelona, make sure to read on for the apps you need when you visit.  

I also recommend reading the Top 8 Travel Apps that Nicola from Polkadot Passport recommends! I first heard of her 2 months ago and I've become obsessed! Some great apps she recommends for planning your trip! 

1. Spanish Dict 

Spanish Dict is a translation app which I feel translates the best, especially compared to Google Translate. I have used this for the best part of 4 years now since I started college and I wanted to find tools to help me with my A-Levels.  

Even though I speak Spanish there are some words that I just don’t know, and Spanish Dict is great for that.  

If you don’t know any Spanish but need a phrase/sentence, Spanish Dict is the place to go. I tested this out with my friend who only speaks Spanish, I replied to his text in Spanish translated by Google and Spanish Dict and the only one he didn’t understand was the reply via Google Translate.  

Also on their app and website they have word of the day, which can be useful. On their website they also have other tools which you can use if you want to improve your Spanish for your next trip, they have articles teaching you different parts of Spanish as well as flashcards too.  

It gives you a bit more freedom with how you learn Spanish and it has become my favourite travel app to use 

2. Google Maps 

Google Maps saved my life on more than one occasion. I am a self-obsessed failure at Geography. I am useless, except from doing the same journey from Southampton to Cornwall and knowing our favourite stops to spot. When it comes to cities, I couldn’t look more like a tourist.  

When I first moved here, my mum knew where EVERYTHING was, and I would get frustrated because I had no idea. Everything here is in blocks/squares and you lose track where you are, also there are about 11,000 Zara shops, ok maybe 6 but it seems a lot ok! So when you see a Zara shop you think you know where you are but you don't because it is a new shop.  

Download google maps and screenshot the route. Honestly it will save you money and a whole lot of stress. If you zoom in too, it will show the shops so you can make sure you are exactly where you need to be! 

3. TripAdvisor 

I LOVE TripAdvisor. I never really used it until I came to Barcelona, a small town girl, I was good at sticking to what I was used to.  

Then I moved here. My best friend who was here for my first 3 months Rikke, loved TripAdvisor, we would visit new restaurants each week and she would check on her TripAdvisor App which cheap restaurant had the best reviews. Each time we went we had a great time.  

So then I got the TripAdvisor App when I wasn't on their website and started looking at places that were near me and seemed good. I am usually a picky eater, so having the TripAdvisor app really helped me find out which restaurants seemed good to visit and would have food I would like.  

Believe me, Spanish Restaurants aren't like the ones you will find in England, so having TripAdvisor helped me to find restaurants that were worth the money. 

If it is your first time in Spain, I would recommend using it. The reviews are usually spot on! 

4. Whatsapp 
I have never used Whatsapp so much in my life or thought of it as a Travel App. I was an iPhone girl, so I would use iMessage as it would only work if I had internet or data and data doesn't cost me much in the UK. I would use Facebook Messenger too.  

In Spain, especially in Barcelona, all my communication is through Whatsapp. 1. Because data costs an awful lot here and 2. Because EVERYONE uses Whatapp 

It is great for keeping in contact with everyone. If you have friends in Spain, or going through private accommodation and need to contact the owner, use Whatsapp. On the metro, I am not kidding, everyone uses it.  

Download it when you are here, its worth it.  

5. XE Currency 

After Brexit (everyone questioned me about it here), the exchange rate was up and down, all over the place and unless I googled it. Which meant taking 15 minutes to load up my laptop or  to a cash point and find out. 

Downloading the XE Currency app made my life a whole lot easier. Sometimes you just don't know when the exchange rate will change, especially when you are going on holiday. You want to know if what you are buying is worth it! 

One week 1 Euro was 80 pence the next it was 95 pence, and it seriously changed the way I managed my money spontaneously 

Save the stress, get the app and budget carefully! 

6. Barcelona TMB App – Extra Tip 

I have thrown in an extra tip for those who are travelling to Barcelona! Like I have said before, I am a small town city girl, either I walk or take a bus .. a very slow bus to town. I have only had a couple of experiences on the Tube in London for a Uni Trip and I never want to relive that experience ever again. I had serious Vertigo on the escalators, no escalators should be that enclosed, that steep and that fast! 

The thought of getting the metro in Barcelona scared me, but really it isn't that bad. The escalators are of normal size and its really easy to use as well. Now I am used to it I don't need the app anymore as I know which lines are for which destination.  

But I would recommend you getting the app if it is your first time. You will have all the information of lines and any live updates with you, and it stops you looking like a tourist! Not in a horrible way, but pick-pockets pray on tourists because often they are distracted by maps and not looking out for their belongings. This way you have all the information on you at all times .  

Sometimes there might be strikes or maintenance work that disrupts your journey, so getting live updates will allow you to plan ahead.  


So there we have it! The Top 6 travel apps to use when you visit Spain! I hope you found this as informative as I hoped you would! 

When I first moved I did not even think about Travel Apps and had to learn the hard way, so I hope you got something from this! 

If it is your first time in Barcelona, don't forget to check out my guide on the Gothic Barrier got an enchanting stay!  

Don't forget to add me on my social media, I love to meet you all and network! 

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Bye M x 



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