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Nightlife in Barcelona: The 5 Best Budget Friendly Bars

Hello again!

I'm ill yet again but I am powering on through and resting before my trip to Rome next week!

Believe me when I say that the nightlife in Barcelona is indescribable, there are no words to even express how amazing it is. Especially when you are a student.

The only way I could describe it is the level of class of London but is accessible to anyone. You here all these stories about how people get turned away in London for not looking right or the prices being extraordinarily expensive. But in Barcelona, especially on Erasmus, it is accessible to anyone.

There are so many types of places to go to as well to experience nightlife. In a recent post I talked about the best clubs, now it is time to talk about the best bars.

I personally prefer bars because, well I am going to be honest, I am a sh*t dancer. So I have to either have a few drinks or stay against a wall so I am not centre of attention in a club to my dance moves.
I prefer bars because it is where you meet the best people and create the best memories, whilst having insane cocktails. The prices are also awesome!

I also must say to drink responsibly, I am not way promoting binge drinking at all! However, as a student and I go by the phrase “You Only Live Once” I am going to enjoy my prime years in Barcelona whilst I can responsibly!

So those on a budget or fellow students trying to make ends meet before the next student loan, come to these bars!

1. The Mint
The Mint has become a firm favourite amongst me and my friends due to the fact that it has got the most AMAZING mojitos.

There are a lot of places that sell Mojito’s but this is the place to come for it. Don´t have too many because they are strong but also so tasty. It will only cost you €4!

It has two floors and our favourite is downstairs, the cellar located room is surrounded by red lights and an electric atmosphere. There are plenty of places to sit and meet new people.

It is located near to Barceloneta Metro right near the waterfront and the pier making it the perfect location if you are with a loved one or a group of friends. There is something about the waterfront and late night drinks that gets me so emotional… or it’s the Mojito!

You only have to see the reviews to know how awesome this bar is!

Check out their Facebook Page.

2. Juanita Lala

Juanita Lala has been my favourite since last year, I first came here with the International Meet Up group but it soon became my local favourite.

Mainly because of their awesome Sangria! I am not kidding, by a mile this is the best Sangria, not too juicy or alcoholic it is the perfect mixture. As a girl who grew up by the beach, the décor here is a reason why I love it. It has a very nice surf vibe too it and to me a resort feel, you can go and eat food there but by night it is where the tables go away and the DJ comes out. It has awesome music with even more incredible people.

I have met a lot of my friends here too.

Located right off of the harbour, it is such a nice location with outdoor seating. The staff are also really friendly, being a local we have a lot more conversation.

This is a place where you can meet so many international individuals and create memories and make new friendships.

But please, get Sangria at Juanita Lala, you will not regret it!

3. Espit Chupitos

Ohhh Espit Chuptos, I have so much to say about you! All good things though! I have been here twice and both times I had a great time from what my friends told me! If definitely has improved my stories for nightlife in Barcelona!

Drink responsibly though people! I do make sure I have water at home for me and always buy water when I am out!

This is an awesome shot bar with well over 600 shots! Yes that is correct! I am not sure which ones I had but they were good.

There are plenty of Espit Chupitos bars around Barcelona including one near Passeig de Gracia. The last time I came here was for my Birthday with my 2 closest friends and met a bunch of people! That is us in the picture below.

The staff are just as crazy as the customers and in this casual setting you are bound to have fun! We had shots with crème on them and shots on fire, it was a night! A night that left me asleep in the bathroom eating all my birthday chocolate and my mum coming in and checking on me! It was the best birthday I have ever had.

Like I said drink responsibly! If you go for your birthday expect some weird birthday shot!

Check out their website for more!

4. Cheers Bar

Here is the start of the Irish bars. Irish bars make me love the nightlife in Barcelona even more. I miss so much about England, including their pubs. So having lots of Irish Pubs around really does help.
I first came here on an Irish Pub Crawl on St. Patricks Day… I know it was the best way to spend St. Patricks Day.

Out of all the bars this one was definitely the best. I feel with public holidays it is a great time to meet new people. Cheers Bar is such a sociable place; it makes it the best location for holidaymakers.  
I also had a cider too! Cider is very rare in Spain, you have to buy it in stores to get it. So to have cider in a pub just made my night.

I also met lots of Polish people there and learned my first two Polish words, hello and cheers (seemed fitting).

Located just off the Rambla next to Liceu Metro, it is very central and very cheap for its location which is usually very expensive.

Come here to see the different side of nightlife in Barcelona and check their Facebook!

5. George Payne

George Payne is the staple of all students’ nights out, the English tourists and for football aficionados.  This Irish bar is like no other, it is huuuuge. I have been here for the football (that was an experience), bar crawls (another experience) and karaoke … one I would never want to experience again.

Serving proper pub food with cheap alcohol this is the place to be. I have had frozen cocktails, 5 shots for €10 (we shares don’t worry parents) and a lovely jug of Sangria. Their Sangria is quite strong just to warn you.

Get some cheesy chips if you are hungry.

Thursdays and Sundays are Karaoke Night… if you are like me and like to watch that is fun. If you are me and are forced to sing with your friend, have a drink it will help you get through it. Especially as you are located on the stairs where everyone walks up and down to go to the toilet… you have no room to escape or hide.

Located next to Urquinaona metro, you are central to most places and accommodation. The prices are relatively cheap compared to most bars that I have been to! I believe I paid €7.50 for a vodka and coke but that was better than €12 at a club.

It is also a great place for stag do’s and hen do’s, I have met plenty of stag do’s here from England and they are very funny and embrace the Irish charm of the pub.

Definitely come here if you are looking for a wild night.

Read more about them on their website!

So there you have my 5 top bars to visit when you are in Barcelona!

The nightlife in Barcelona is incredible and it must not be missed.

If you have been to any of these bars let me know what you make of them!

I will be off to The Mint bar on Friday to celebrate finishing my placement with a Mojito!

Mol x

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