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A Guide to Barcelona's City Bus Tours

Hey everyone!
Now, what’s the best way to stand out like a tourist??? A bus tour of course! I will be the first to admit, when I first moved here I was very aware that I did not look Spanish.
People, especially women would just stare at me, I was blonde and pale … not your typical local Spanish person! They would stare at my feet, look me up and down, so by taking selfies and getting the map out I would draw more attention to myself.
After I got over that and everyone knew I spoke Spanish, I started to explore Barcelona more. I have seen these bus tours and thought I get the metro, it gets to places quicker.
Yes it does get you to places quicker, however you do not get the same environment or views from it!
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I first went in December with my friend Chloe who came to visit and we went all around Tibidabo and Park Guell. I also went with my mum for my birthday and went around Camp Nou and across the beach front. I am also going with my sister when she visits in April!
The best thing about this tour? The views!
There is no doubt that this is a great way to visit Barcelona! You get top deck views of Barcelona, a trip around big parts of Barcelona and have a great audio guide in sooo many languages that you learn new things you never thought of!

What To Do
Getting a ticket is pretty easy to do, both times I didn’t pre-book any tickets online or before, you can simply go and buy tickets at the main stops. For me, I used the Sagrada Familia stop and the Plaza Catalunya stop.
There will be staff there working who will give you leaflets and will also let you know all the information that you need.
Tickets cost 28 Euros for 24 hours, for children up to 12 years old it is 16 Euros, for seniors over 65 years old and disabled passengers it is 24 Euros. Great price for all the places that you can visit.
When you board the bus you are given headphones for the guide, a map and a booklet full of discounts. There are so many vouchers that you can use for all attractions and restaurants.

For an extended ticket you can visit their official website for more information with other tickets available for day trips.
There are 15 languages set for the tour bus, so everyone can enjoy it and learn more about the gorgeous city in their preferred language. It was fun changing my mum’s to Spanish because she freaked out! Me not so much I got to improve my Spanish!
If you want to take some photos and upload them onto your social media platforms, you can do with their FREEE WIFI. Yes! Free wifi… I was very happy. There are so many palm tree photos from my trip that I uploaded!

Since I have lived here I don’t think I have seen more than 20 days of rain, probably less! After living in England it is a nice change, so if you are on the bus tour on a not so lovely day, do not worry there is a sliding roof to avoid the rain.
There are two routes, the red/orange route and the green route.
The red/orange route takes you through the Born area, straight to Poble Espanol, the indredible Plaza de Espana and to the famous Camp Nou.
The green route takes you to the very charming Gothic Quarter (my personal favourite), up through Barceloneta for a seaside escape, Sagrada Familia and Tibidabo (great place for family day trips).
This bus offers hop-on and hop-off system, so you can get off at any stop and go back on again, it is limitless for the duration of your ticket!
Make sure that you listen to your e-guide as they give you up to date details of your next stop, Barcelona is a big city with very winding streets and streets that look the same. So make sure that you listen and remember where to need to go!

Top Tips
Dress Appropriately – by this I mean during the winter (October – February) bring a coat. Yes I know it is warmer here than other countries but the sun can be very deceiving! I was wearing a coat on both occasions and it was bloody freezing!
Girls … Grab a Hair Band – its my pet hate being in wind that is blowing in EVERY direction! You always here or see in films that the wind blowing through your hair is sexy… it was when I was riding on the back of a motorbike. However, this was not the case my 2nd time round! As my mum was taking in the views with her lovely short hair, I was battling the wind, trying to get the hair out of my eyes and stop my hair blowing into other peoples faces.
You Have All Day – The ticket gives you ALL day! We ended up getting a ticket around 2pm and each route takes 2 hours each. To make the most of your tour and visit different stops along the way, definitely get your ticket in the morning!
Don’t Be Afraid to Take Pictures – There is so much stigma over selfies and picture taking, but you get so many great pictures from this tour, take as many as you like!

I would recommend this tour to anyone, even though I live in Barcelona and walk everywhere, get the metro and the occasion motorbike ride, it is nice to be a tourist.
It is great if you only have a few days in Barcelona, as it literally gives you the option to see everything in 24/48 hours.
It is perfect for couples, friends and family, anyone can enjoy this bus trip.
So get your cameras out, snap some pictures and enjoy your bus tour around Barcelona!
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