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The Restaurants to Visit in Barcelona

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I FINALLY HAVE A WORKING LAPTOP! After 3 months of no laptop, I am finally able to blog about all things Barcelona! Before my laptop broke I planned to blog about different places, restaurants and areas of Barcelona. Trying to edit on a phone is not as easy as it looks! But from now on it will be weekly blogs!
The main reason I was looking forward to Barcelona and my trip to Rome in April is because of the food. I am a massive foodie and in the past 7 months I have eaten a lot of tapas and been in a lot of restaurants.
I recently did a post on the best places to eat in Barcelona but I recently visited 4 new places that have completely topped the previous list!
Eating in Spain can be annoying, the food is delicious but there are a lot of tapas and not one big meal. Any big meals I have had, haven’t been as nice as tapas.
So here are my favourite restaurants that you need to visit.

This is the only restaurant that is in my previous list that is in this list, which means its great! Pura Brasa is located in Placa Espanya, right by the magic fountains and I went here when I first moved in June with my mum and it is where we are going for my 21st next month!
My mum replied with “YES” when I asked her if we should go and that’s a good sign!
When we first moved, we stayed in a hotel called Sant Antoni which is located in the Eixample L’Esquerra part of Barcelona. Beautiful area and about a 20 minute walk from the centre. Pura Brasa is about a 5 minute walk from our hotel. Plaza Espanya is the most beautiful area I have seen. It is right next to the Magic Fountains which is something you must do after your meal here!
My mum can’t have gluten, so finding her food in Barcelona was tough as it’s a different culture and we were used to restaurants in England. However, Pura Brasa had a Gluten Free menu and they weren’t short of food! We went twice it was that good!
Just from the interior of the building, you can tell they know how to cook food. I can’t explain it, but you knew you were getting good food. The restaurant reminded me of back to basics, surf and turf and a casual atmosphere yet with a unique experience.
On their website their concept says to be combining healthy eating with a novel formula of enjoying the art of eating! As a foodie, that is just music to my ears!
You have a full view of the kitchen and the chef’s and all staff as a matter in fact are lovely, which all added to the fun! They also have a gourmet shop which sells food that you have eaten!
The first time I went I had the curry, I know… fly all the way to Spain for a curry! But I eat Tapas all the time so it is ok! As an avid Indian Takeaway fan, I was thoroughly surprised about how nice it was! It tastes exactly like my nan’s and my nan cooks the best food!

Credit: Pura Brasa
The next time I went I had the Donosti T Bone Steak, I have steak rarely but when I do I have it Medium. My mum originally had this the first time and this time she had curry! I think we were both jealous last time! The steak was cooked so well and the chips were crispy and so tasty!

Credit: Pura Brasa
Desert…. What can I say… you have to go for the Chocolate Bombs! (Get ready for some proper food porn and cliché meal photo coming up). Think warm reversed profiteroles! Warm chocolate filled pastry with a side of cream!

Don’t forget to order a Sangira! Its huge!
Prices are very good for what you get!
Arenas de Barcelona,
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 379,
08015 Barcelona

2. Mi Rincon

This place is right on my doorstep, located in the Eixample Dreta district and only 3 minutes walk from the Sagrada Familia! How I went 7 months without seeing this place surprises me! But luckily on New Years Eve, my best friend Gracie spotted this place!

It is a Colombian Restaurant, Gracie has South American routes, so she knows her stuff, and when she gasps at the menu, you know its gonna be good!

It is a very cosy and quaint place and we sat outside in this very lovely outside terrace, people watching, as you do.

We both ordered this Cane Sugar with Lemon drink… I was wary as I can be very plain and vanilla with my food and drink. It was great! Not what I expected! I also had a Mango Smoothie which was incredible!

Because I didn’t know what any of the food meant, even in English I got confused, I played safe with Croquettes and Patatas Bravas! Both were incredible, so was Gracie’s if I could remember how to pronounce the name of it!

Usually with Tapas in the centre you would pay 5 or 6 Euros for 3 Croquettes, but I played the same for 7!   I was really surprised how good it was, especially for the value of it!

This may be a bit further out of town, but it was so good I am dreaming about it too!

Even though I speak Spanish, I still get nervous, the staff were lovely and encouraged me to do the best I can.

I didn’t realise how nerve-wracking it is moving to a different country and speaking the language!

So Colombian food is on my list of more foodie loves!

Avinguda Diagonal, 303,
08013 Barcelona

I came here on a Christmas Work Party, so it isn’t as budget friendly as the other one’s on here. However, it is worth a mention as the food was incredible and in case you want to treat yourself in Barcelona!

Unfortunately there are no photos of the food as I was too busy stuffing my face!

It is located right by Passeig de Gracia, surrounded by shops, bars and very sophisticated buildings!

On their website it says they are a club with a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian mix. You can tell that straight away by the furniture, you have a massive Buddha in the middle of the restaurant. With the gold and black furniture it definitely makes you feel like you are in a different country!

They claim the ambience is an irresistible aura of exoticism and mystery, the way I was going on about how much I wanted the furniture I think they succeeded!

I don’t know how exactly much the food is, but I know the way it was presented that it is pricy! So worth it though!

I have never been one for luxury dining or shopping (never had the money) but it was so much more than that, the amount of food we had was unbelievable!

We had part of a set menu, we had 4 starters that just came for us to share, had to choose between a veggie dish, Salmon and Duck.

I am not going to even try and pronounce the meal name, let alone spell it, it was the menu that was so luxury you can’t even say it!

Felt out of my comfort zone!

For starters we had Croqueta de Jamón IbericoCroqueta de Jamón IbericoCroqueta de Jamon Iberica (Ham Croquette) only one but I didn’t complain as I didn’t know how many starters were to come!

Another starter bought to us was Ensalada con Langostino y Pollo Crujiente… I just translated that to Shrimp and Crispy Chicken Salad… I usually hate Shrimp and I didn’t even taste it! Basically it was incredible!

Our 3rd starter… yes third was Carpaccio de bacaloa con yema de tomate, olivia deshidritada y helado de pan con tomate. Basically Cod and Tomato Yolk Carpaccio, dehydrated olives and bread with tomato ice cream. I honestly thought they forgot about dinner. Everyone wasn’t too sure about it but I loved it! Very strange thing for me to say but it was great!

Our final starter was my favourite, Huevos Rotos con Jamon, basically pochaed egg with chips and ham! It was so nice, by the end of my food I was so full!

I chose Timbale of confit of Duck with parmentier of Pear and sliced Pear, it was incredible! My cheeks are trembling at the thought of it!

For dessert, if we could fit anymore food in was a rich Chocolate Cake… I was glad I was wearing a baggy dress, if I was wearing jeans or a bodycon I would have been in trouble!

C/ Pau Claris 92,

4. Veggie Garden

No photos I'm afraid!

Last but not least, is the Veggie Garden located a 5 minute walk from the centre of town. I am not a Vegetarian or Vegan and when I have wanted to cook meals like that, the ingredients go way over my budget.

One night me and my flatmate and Gracie went to the Veggie Garden, very cute and charming restaurant.

Also VERY cheap! For 3 of us we had 2 drinks each and a meal each AND guacamole and bread and it came to 41 euros!

We started off with Chai Tea, we all love our herbal tea and this was an amazing sweet tea which warmed us up!

We then ordered a Thali, which was 3 different veggie curries (Dhal), rice, bhaji, poppadum and chutney. I was so full I didn’t believe it!

This veggie dish completely blew my mind it was amazing! I almost forgot, we also had Tofu!

The Guacamole was incredible, next time we are definitely having Indian Nachos with it!

Had to have water because, I am not one for spicy food, a Korma is my limit!

Overall, I was really surprised how much I love it! Seeing as I live off of Chicken, it was nice to have a break!

Definitely recommend this place for everyone!

So there we have it! The places you need to visit to eat in Barcelona!

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Next week will be a guide to the district of Barceloneta or Raval!

Mol xo

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