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Learn a Language with Babbel

Hello, Ciao and Hola…
Learning a language is one of the best New Years Resolutions you can make this year, well any year! Every year I always say “This year I am going to be more healthy” but I am never consistent until I realise that I can be healthy whatever month of the year!
I have been learning Spanish for the past 13 years, way before apps were born at that stage. Since being in Barcelona, I really wanted to challenge myself so…. I started learning Italian!
Every time I go out in Barcelona I always meet an Italian and somehow I always ask for them to teach me Italian. I am 1/8th Italian, so not fully or even half Italian but I think it is a beautiful language and I really want to know a couple of Languages!
I have already written about the vocabulary app Memrise, which is great for tapping into your memory but here I am talking about Babbel.

What is Babbel?
Babbel is a language learning website and app, which teaches languages based on everyday conversations. When I learned Spanish, we were learning based on topics which were extremely relevant, but I did not even know how to say knife, spoon, fork or other basic words I should have known! Not blaming school or anything but that’s what I wanted. I love conversation!

You can choose topics that you want to learn and they have a beginner to advanced lessons so you can go step by step! Lessons only take 15 minutes, even 15 minutes a day can help you learn something new! In 2 days I could say up to 10 in Italian and that was great for me! It does get confusing speaking English and Spanish everyday as well as learning Italian, but it is what makes the words stick by just repeating them.

On the website, you have a reviewer, which keeps all the words you have learned together and you can practice them. There is also a daily challenge too!

Babbel also has a blog, with tips on how best to learn a language, user stories and meet the staff. Their staff who are expert linguists and some know a LOT of languages are all behind the content, so you know that they know what they are talking about. Their blog is also very motivational!
What is great about the website, is that you can turn on the microphone so you can repeat what is being said to you and you can get a green light to say that you have said it correctly and it is time to move onto the next word to remember.
I find that by repeating the word and having your microphone turned on, you remember the words better!
Being the first ever language learning app, over 1 million users and being named the number one innovative company in education you can see why it is so popular.
On their website it says that 73% of users say they could have a short conversation just within 5 hours of using Babbel, and it is true I feel the same way. The way the lessons are laid out and taught, it is very informative and you can take it at your own pace and go over any bad answers.
There are also 14 languages taught so you are spoilt for choice!
I work with people who speak Italian, so when I understand certain words they say, I have a little Mariachi band in my head playing and dancing because I am so proud of myself!
Anyway, onto how to use the app!

How to Use Babbel?
Here is how to sign up via their website.
Step 1 – When you are on their homepage, go to the orange button saying “Register” in the top right hand corner of the homepage!

Step 2 – Here is where you can choose which language you would like to learn. You can choose from: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Indonesian, Russian, Danish, Norwegian and English! A whole lot to choose from! Once I feel like my Italian is as good as my Spanish, I may try French or Polish not too sure which one.

Step 3 – Now you can decide all your login details, you can login via Facebook, Google or simply by putting your email in and following directions.

I first used Babbel on a free trial and now I pay the 12 Month Package. It is up to you which one you decide but in terms of prices, these are the best prices I have seen for a language app. Especially one, with the quality of content it gives you!

So in a nutshell, this is a brilliant app for language learners. It is comprehensive, uses different language teaching tools and is easy to use.
An app that I recommend to anyone!
So goodbye, adios and arrivederci!

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