Thursday, 1 December 2016

Blogmas - My List to Santa

It is finally December! Tis the season to be jolly and I could not be any more jolly! I have never really been that excited about Christmas.

I was more of the “person that only gets excited the night before and on the day” but this year I have been excited for a while now!  I think it is because in England they have Christmas cards out in August and in Spain there isn´t much hype until December. Also the fact I haven´t seen my parents for 7 months is also getting my excited

I never have been the person to know what I want for Christmas, I always say to people that want to get me stuff I would rather be given money to save.

This year is the same because my parents are buying my a new laptop and I have asked for money to go towards it as I am also paying towards it too and that it really all I need. There is one exception; my nan is buying me stuff from Pretty Little Thing. They are necessities though and I have never wanted anything for Christmas until now! So she is getting me pink velvet boots (I have no boots), a pink fluffy bag (can´t have too many bags), eye-shadow palette and 3 different coloured chokers!

There are a few things on my list for Santa … AKA… things I can´t afford but plan to buy and treat myself. They are a mixture of things!


The one thing I really want is a really good camera. I have a Nikon I think at home but its nearly 4 years old and I really want something professional that takes good quality photos for blogging.

I think a Canon or a Olympus Pen is the thing for me!


I am going on holiday again next year and I found an incredible place that sells the most beautiful bikinis!

This amazing set from Rock Box Boutique.

Incredible and rather sassy one piece from Mars The Label.

Can´t miss out Missguided on this with their white bikini!

Is it bad that its only December yet I am looking to buy clothes for my summer holiday? I think its great to plan personally!
These are the items I found!


Make Up Box

At the moment my make-up is in this blue circle ornament thing (I really did not explain that well), it is completely unorganised and I need to organise it soon because my OCD (maybe not OCD but my make-up has to be organised) will kick in!
Luckily Sephora do one for cheap for €25 similar to this one!


Me and my friend Chloe have always wanted to go to Thailand, so on my Christmas List, my wish to Santa is to give me the determination to save, get a good job and treat us to a holiday in Thailand.
Being completely honest, I found this blogmas article on my list to Santa quite difficult because I am not really a materialistic person! I enjoy more the experience of holidays and celebrations and creating memories with the people around me.

Realistically I think my list to Santa is for me and my family to have a great Christmas and New Year and to make 2017 an incredible year and for me to just enjoy the rest of my placement, my summer and my final year of uni!


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