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Blogmas Day 9 - Where to Visit in December

Part of my job is writing articles for my companies blog, and our recent blog post is about Best Christmas Markets in Europe and currently in writing for a new one about best places to spend New Years Eve.
It is making me very jealous seeing everyone´s plans for this month! So it made me think about where I want to go in future winter periods!

1. Berlin

I have heard mixed reviews about Berlin, many of my friends have been there but not in winter period and haven´t liked it. However, when I started researching it I found that at Christmas time I can imagine this place being incredible!

Firstly, it has over 60 Christmas Markets… yes 60! For my article for my work, I had to write about 1 Christmas Market per city and you imagine how hard it was to choose!
What makes Berlin different around Christmas time is that it has toboggan runs in the city so you get great views of the city! If that doesn´t excite you, I don´t know what will! I haven´t been to Germany before either! I have been to Spain, France and Switzerland but never Germany!

Also, I am a massive foodie! So the thought of having a Bratwurst in the Kaiser Wilheim Memorial Church seems perfect!

It is also the perfect place for families as, The Berliner Weihnachtszeit Market offers a petting zoo and a train in an enchanted forest for children!

There are also restaurants with outside heated tents if you´re looking for some food!

For more information check out Visit Berlin website here!

2. Vienna

Vienna seems to be the city that every article mentions as a place to go during the Winter period!

According to when I was reading the website, the main market Christkindlmarkt is said to be bringing the Gem├╝tlichkeit to Christmas! AKA the cosiness!

The usual market has ice-skating of course, but in Vienna they have curling too! So if you are feeling extra competitive you can have a mini Olympics with friends and family!

Any lovers of gingerbread and German baked goods can find all the delicacies here!

You can find some more information on the website here

3. New York

What can I say, from a very young age when family members have gone to New York for Winter I have always been jealous.
This big city offers so much to tourists and I seriously need to start saving before I go on this trip!

I heard it is very cold in New York during Winter, which is another reason why I want to go! As much as I prefer the sun, I feel that in Winter and Christmas you should feel the cold in order to feel really festive. Right now in Barcelona I am still feeling warm, so I find it strange that Christmas is only 12 days away!

From looking at pictures there is a huge parade where Santa, comes through the town. Even though, I don´t believe in Santa… well obviously as I am 20, I know he isn’t real. But its something that brings the family together.

I also really want to ice-skate in Central Park, being surrounded by the incredible buildings seems like a great place to be in Winter!

You must also get a picture of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree… you can´t really miss it can you!

For more information go to the Rockerfeller website here

4. Prague

Ever since my parents went to Prague which was years ago, I have always wanted to go. It just seemed like a unique and enchanting city, and of course at Christmas it is no different.

Apparently being here at Christmas is great for us foodies! A Tredelnik, is what I crave every time I think of Prague. There are also spit roasts and sausages for you to indulge in.

As well as having stalls with Christmas Decorations, stocking fillers and sweets, if you haven’t had enough you can head up to the viewing deck for a great photo opportunity

Find out more information on the official Czech Tourism site here

I am very much looking forward to going back to the UK this Christmas, after 7 months of being away, I am very excited that I am seeing my family.

The feeling that I have worked hard for this opportunity, makes me enjoy it even more. This is why when I am at Uni, I want to have a job so I can save money so I am able to go on these trips!

Where do you want to go in December?

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