Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Blogmas Day 8 - Reflecting on 2016

It is still crazy to me that next week is Christmas and we are half way through December and 2017 is quickly creeping up on me!

It felt like only yesterday that I started working a River Island last December and now I have a new chapter in Barcelona!
To be honest the time up until I moved here was a bit of a blur, after at least 90 (that I counted) internship applications and endless amounts of coursework my only goal was to just get an internship. I didn´t even think about my goals if I even got one.
Then I got this Internship and my goal was just to make the most of it and gain as many skills as possible, as I didn´t start the internship I didn´t have any specific goals.


Since being in Barcelona, I wanted to improve my Spanish, in which I have. I am able to have conversations with locals which I am very proud of!

I have learned a lot more skills and attributes that I never thought I would have. The words CMS and SEO were new to me and I had no idea. Now I know exactly what it is, it means and strategies so I can make my writing a lot more effective.

I have always used social media but now I am doubling the metrics for  my companies metrics on it´s Twitter Account and know so much about using Twitter for Business.
Even though I can´t really remember setting many goals for 2016, I have so many for 2017


1. Become Fluent in Spanish – As I have got better and enjoy surprising people with my skills. I am practising Spanish everyday on Memrise (see post here) and hopefully become fluent next year!

2. Focus on Marketing – Studying Events Management, I feel that its good that I have a Marketing Internship. Most people have an Events Placement and I am actually glad I have a Marketing One. Because I will have specialist knowledge in Marketing. I also work with bloggers and influencers which are pioneering the marketing world and strategies. So I feel that with my final assignments and dissertations I will have something unique!

3. Improve my blog – Blogging has been great for me! It acts as a portfolio what I have been doing for my internship, travels and more! I have also met some great people through this as well and its nice to have a blog to express my interests to people too! My next step is to save up for a really nice camera, find a new design and plan more content.

4. Travel More – My main concern for wanting to travel is not having the money but I realised that travelling does not have to be expensive. So in January I am thinking of taking a weekend to Madrid! I have never been before and it is so close I really have no excuse! I am also going to Rome in April for a week or so before I fly back home to the UK! I am booking that in less than 3 weeks time! I am also planning to go to Greece with my best friend!

5. Volunteer More – I really loved my previous experiences volunteering, whether it was at charity events or music events. I am hoping to get a part time job in my final year so really want to do some volunteering when I am in Cornwall for the summer!

What is everyone else´s goals for 2017?


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