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Blogmas Day 5 - My Favourite Christmas Adverts

I am not sure if there is this much hype in different countries regarding Christmas, but, in England you know when it´s really festive and time to celebrate Christmas when the Christmas Adverts are on your TV!

I personally, in the past have never been too fascinated over Christmas Adverts and don´t get emotional over them, like the rest of the UK do.

In addition, usually John Lewis take the crown for best advert.

This year has changed! I love them!

1. Heathrow Airport

A newbie in the champion of the Christmas advert, is Heathrow. I am normally used to supermarkets or department stores, so for an airport to join, it’s a game changer!
This is by far my favourite advert because I have a personal connection with it, Í am flying home for Christmas after a long 7 months away and I cannot wait to see my family!

The advert is only 1minute and 14 seconds long which I think is the perfect length for a Christmas advert, short and sweet!

The story starts with two old teddy bears (a couple) sitting on a plane that has just landed, it follows them as they make their way through customs, baggage claim and the shops. The video is set to a Chas and Dave soundtrack, I can´t explain it but it is just so cute seeing the bears go through the airport.

I have been very homesick as I have been away for so long and I dream about getting on my first flight by myself ever, going through customs, trying to find my bag and coming through to arrivals and seeing my family!

At the end of the video you see the two bears waiting and trying to spot their family, you see two grandchildren run and the next thing you see is the teddy bears “transform” into (human) grandparents and hug their grandchildren!

According to the polls of which advert is peoples favourite, out of 2.2k voters including myself, 56% of them agreed that Heathrow was the best! The other adverts got less than 13% voters each! Won by a landslide!

Watch it here and get emotional like I did!

2. John Lewis

John Lewis is my 2nd favourite, mainly due to its collaboration and work with the charity Wildlife Trust.

I also love it because a dog was the main character! Buster the Boxer took main stage in this advert, I had a dog called Rocky who sadly we had to put down due to illness last year and Christmas was a great time with him! He was part of the family! However, we have a new puppy now (well he is a year old but huge) called Bear, a Cockapoo and is also Rocky´s cousin! He is nuts, he is more poodle than cocker spaniel and he leaps everywhere! He is also very soft so great for cuddles and I can´t wait for Christmas with him!

It starts with a family putting their young daughter to be and then the father struggles most of the night, in the snow, to set up a trampoline as a present for his daughter!
Then a few wildlife animals, including foxes jump onto the trampoline and all start jumping around together. The soundtrack makes it sound all lovely and enchanting but in reality, its just so funny and there is no way you can make it sound elegant! Buster the Dog looks outside from the lounge, pondering as to what he is watching. With a very sad whimper, as he seems very jealous.

The next morning is Christmas Day, the daughter runs down from her room as her father opens up the doors and she runs towards the trampoline with so much happiness! Next thing you know, Buster is the first on the trampoline, jumping away! At this point I just can´t stop laughing, its nice compared to the sad adverts John Lewis put out!

With all the family, staring into space wondering what they are witnessing, it’s a nice advert to make Christmas fun!

John Lewis Advert

3. Spanish Lottery

This is the first time I have seen a foreign Christmas Advert do so well in terms of reception in England!

I am also proud that I understand what the actors are saying even though there are English subtitles!

On the 22nd of December each year in Spain there is a massive lottery and this is what the advert is based upon, as well as the great sense of community. It is nearly 5 minutes long but a beautiful story.

It is the tale of Carmina, a retired teacher who thinks she´s won the 4 Million Euro Prize after watching the draw from a previous year (she watched it on the 21st of December – the night before).

Before she finds out she makes breakfast for her very grumpy teenage grandson, who dismisses the food she made. She then turns on the TV ready for what she thinks is the lottery when she is in fact a day early and watching the draw from last year.

When she is out the room, her son comes in (father of the grandson) asking where his mum is and the grandson said she has gone to see “Puri” because she thinks she has won the lottery. The son sighs and it shows they both know that she is getting old and confused.

The son sees Carmina outside being congratulated by the local community as he puts a coat around her. Already you feel an emotion of sadness yet happiness because it’s a bittersweet feeling. After she hugs her son, you can tell that the community are understanding and the son debates whether to tell his mother or not and he decides to continue seeing her happy and to play along. Throughout the advert you see the son “Josin” worry about his mum.

The first thing he does is call the bar to ask for a celebration and explains the situation to them, however they put on drinks for Carmina and her friends! Carmina at the bar says they have to go to the lighthouse but first tell the girls at the salon! Josin looks at his son and he reluctantly but also wanting to help his grandmother, runs to the salon to ask them to congratulate her and explain! He also tears off the 21st of December sign so it reads 22nd.

Carmina after getting the salon girls, asks why the cameras aren´t there to congratulate her. As Josin says “mum…” about to explain the situation, the grandson then stops his father talking, persuades a journalist and a cameraman to interview her. You can see the pure smile and pride the son and grandson have for looking after their loved one.

As they walk towards the lighthouse, Josin calls some local fishers and factory workers to put some food together as his son gets people to join in.

The police then show up on 2 motorbikes, seemingly to stop her until… they actually guide her to the lighthouse.

At the lighthouse, it is all fun with food, drink and lots of celebration!

Josin sees his mum staring outside the window and decides to tell her the confusion, and as he says mum I need to tell you something.

Carmina replies “I already know what you are going to say and you need to listen to your mother” and she hands him the lottery ticket. As they hug, a friend mouths “maybe we will win it after all”.

It is such a beautiful advert with the lesson that we should always look after our loved ones!

Spanish Lottery

What are your favourite adverts?

mol xo


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