Monday, 5 December 2016

Blogmas Day 4 - Favourite Vlogmas Videos

I first came across Blogmas/Vlogmas on Lydia E Millen´s Youtube! I have been a massive fan of hers or ages and I have tweeted about her enough times and I am questioning whether she is sick of it!
Although Lydia is such a lovely person and from her snapchat she shows that she is appreciative of all of her followers and supporters!

This is why she is my favourite Vlogger when it comes to Christmas! I only like a few vlogs/blogs that really captivate me and that is something that her channel does!
Her vlog focuses on very luxury and high end items which is a different style to me, mainly because I can´t afford it yet, but she has one thing in common with all of us who look up to her… she wants to work damn hard and she deserves all of her success and deserves to treat herself! She is also down to earth, so when I watch her unboxing a Chanel Bag I don´t feel intimidated or “Oh my goodness I will never be able to have that bag or have that feeling”. As I know I will and that may be me buying something from Sephora or buying stuff for my house in final year of uni because I have  worked hard this year and deserve a treat!

With Christmas being around the corner and I always feel good at Christmas, her channel becomes enchanting.

She has already had videos out about buying Christmas decorations and to be honest it gets me jealous that I live in a flat and can´t find any Christmas Decorations at all in Barcelona! I can´t even find advent calendars!

As many of her avid loyal supporters will know, she lives with her boyfriend Ali and their gorgeous cat Lumi, which to me not even thinking of Vlogmas makes her Youtube stand out. I feel this way because I feel that some blogs are just about make up tutorials and are very materialistic, almost like a front and Lydia has got the right balance with her fashion, beauty but also letting us into her life.

It almost makes you feel that if you met her, you would already know her and feel comfortable around her. It is infectious!
She already has 3 videos a week going live on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and is vlogging every-day during December!
My personal favourites from her Vlogmas last year are…

VLOGMAS Day 9: Packing for Switzerland, Arriving at Hotel and Cheese Fondue

VLOGMAS Day 12: Christmas Party, Clothing Haul and Singing in the Car

This post was meant to be a collection of Vlogmas/Christmas Videos that I love but I can only think of Lydia as the person that I admire when it comes to vlogging.

So this is more like an appreciation video to her, and although I snapchatted her last week already and she may be sick of me (only joking), I couldn´t do a Favourite Vlogmas blog post without her in it!

Mol xo


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