Saturday, 3 December 2016

Blogmas Day 3 - My Christmas Plans

I am so excited for this Christmas! Like last year, we are spending Christmas in Southampton, my hometown.

We are spending it with my grandparents, Aunty, Uncle and Cousins and of course my parents! So it is going to be a big Christmas!
I fly into Bristol on the 22nd and get to be with my sister for her birthday! She lives in Cardiff so I only get to see her once or twice a year! So she is getting a train to Bristol to see us for lunch, I am so excited! We (I mean mum or dad) are driving down to Southampton ready for an Indian Takeaway… I have not had one for 6 months so it’s needed!

The following day I am getting my nails done for the first time ever! I am going to get acrylics with shellac and chrome, perfect for Christmas! As I have been away for a while I am looking forward to spending a lot of time with my parents, they have been so supportive with me moving to Spain that I have missed them so much!
I also really want to visit a Christmas Market if we have the time, there´s nothing like a good German Christmas Market.
It is also our first Christmas with our new puppy (I say puppy he is 1 years old but it huge) Bear! I really miss walking him and having cuddles, when he is not nipping, so I can´t wait to finally be able to see him!
Because I would have been away from my family for 7 months I am so excited, I can´t wait to spend the little time I have in England to celebrate with them!

Christmas Day

No matter how old I get, I will always wake up super early for Christmas, I don´t care, this day only comes around once every year, I am making the most of it!

Last Christmas we woke up and ended up having left over pizza for breakfast, to be honest it was really nice! This year I will be having toast and lots of tea… this may seem like normal and in fact this is. However, I have not had one slice of toast for 5 months or tea, that is because I hate the toast here and for some reason the milk over here makes me sick. So I am buying a big bag of tea bags to demolish on Christmas!
Our day is normally waking up, heading over to the lounge with a hot drink or maybe a stronger one… it is Christmas after all! Having a late breakfast, opening presents and just watching Christmas Movies or just playing games. We tend to have our Christmas Dinner around 4pm with the whole trimmings, starters, big roast, Christmas pudding and some drink!
In our household, we are very creative, active and confident. So the evening of Christmas things get really fun! I am talking about dancing to Christmas songs, playing on the Wii and have a bit of Karaoke!

We are a very competitive household too so you can imagine what the games are like at Christmas.

Boxing Day is the day where we just chill and today will be a rest day for me as I have got a flight at Bristol at 7:15am so I have to be at the airport for at least 4am which means leaving Southampton at 2am!

I will be sleeping on the plane the whole entire way in warm clothes!

I also hear that it has been -6 Degrees Celsius in the UK, so I won´t mind getting back to 10 Degrees Barcelona!

A very short Blogmas today, but I think it makes up for the other Blogmas articles I am doing, which is 1 every day!

Mol xo


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