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Blogmas Day 2 - The Ultimate Christmas Songs

I can´t decide what I prefer – Christmas songs or Christmas Movies, I love both for different reasons.

Christmas Songs just make me want to get up and dance on Christmas Eve and Morning so it wakes me up for the day and everyone´s spirits are high. Christmas Movies are for the evening when I am stuffing my face with chocolate and I am about to fall asleep.

I am going to countdown from 5 of my top Christmas Songs that I absolutely love, the last one may surprise people and be different to everyone else but it is a great song!

5. Anything Michael Buble

Everyone knows that when it´s Christmas Season its Michael Bublé season, although Michael himself isn´t making an appearance this year due to his son going through treatment for cancer, no doubt everyone will have his previous Christmas album on full volume thinking of him and his family.

I can´t pick a specific song I like of his as they are all brilliant but his rendition of Jingle Bells and of course Feliz Navidad are 2 of my favourites. Jingle Bells because it´s upbeat and Feliz Navidad – well I enjoy the fact I can sing along to it in English and Spanish.

My Aunty always puts his album on, especially last Christmas and I cannot wait to listen to it again this Christmas!

Feliz Navidad 

4. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

I am going to put this out there quickly; I am not a Mariah Carey fan --- apart from this song. This song is always on the radio, TV stations and well pretty much everywhere in December. I first loved this song whilst watching the film Love Actually, it showed that no matter what age, or who you love just sing this song out loud and have fun!

Whether you are singing with your significant other or just having fun with your friends and family, this is a song that everyone just loves to sing loudly, even if we all aren´t that great at singing! Just have a few mulled wines, brandies or ciders and you will pretend you´re Mariah herself!
Also, it´s Christmas, if you can´t belt out Mariah Carey when can you?!

All I Want For Christmas Is You

3.  Fairy-tale of New York

I blame my dad for my obsession with this song! This has always been my dad´s favourite song, soon after I heard it I was obsessed too and now it is our Christmas song. We put on our best drunk accents and sing along to this rather great song.
I told you my list would be a strange mixture.

To me the song just represents Christmas, the vocals aren´t perfect they sound a bit sloppy and drunk but isn´t that what Christmas is all about to let go and just have fun?

It is crazy to think that the single is 29 years old! It shows how incredible they are that they are still popular to this day! It is also the most played Christmas Song in the UK of all time, I think 90% of that is me and my dad playing it off of Youtube!

I remember when I was in a band for college and I was the only singer there as 2 other were ill and we decided to try and cover this song… it is very difficult. My goodness, the vocals are so hard to do! It was funny though, I might download this for the plane journey home!

Fairy Tale of New York

2. Wizzard – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

The ultimate Christmas song in my family, the song that is just a good old Christmas song and is loved by millions!

This song is 43 years old! Personally, I don’t think that any artists nowadays will be able to produce Christmas Songs that will have an effect that these songs do! Big statement but its true! I think 70´s and 80´s music in all genres will be hard to beat!

It is such a feel good song with great vocals that anyone could sing along to!

It’s the song in my household that everyone chooses to put on!

Even though I like Christmas being only 1 day a year, for that day I do wish that Christmas wouldn’t end. Either it’s the fact that I eat all the food or just because it’s a great day in general!

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

1. The Darkness – Don´t Let the Bells End

I have been a fan of The Darkness for ages and have always loved their music, so it is no surprise that their Christmas song is my number one choice!

I think it´s because their outfits and style is so contrasting to other Christmas Songs that it makes a huge different. I also love Rock Music so the Rock sounds in there just make it the best Christmas Song for me!

Also I can´t get enough of the falsetto in this too! Only he could pull that off!

It is a very flamboyant music video too it´s just funny!

Also, when this song comes on I tend to do air-guitar, I can´t help it, my family love that I have got such a different taste in music. I have to represent all the rock music in my family!

Don´t Let the Bells End

PS: I have no shame that I am currently listening to this!

That’s my top 5 Christmas Songs! Which are yours?

Mol xo


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