Friday, 4 November 2016

Meet Up With Me

I have mentioned lots of times before on my blog that the main worry moving to Spain was knowing no one. 
Sure, I met Rikke who is my best friend but we both wanted to meet more people, obviously when you are in Barcelona you do not want to become a recluse!
Not many people can say they have lived in Barcelona for a year! 
Before I moved here I was sat in the University library googling everything about Barcelona. From houses to flights I was there for a good few hours!
I came across this article which talked about apps you need when you move to Barcelona and Meetup was listed on there.  So I thought I would give it a try, I downloaded it onto my phone and I am so glad I did. 
Meetup is a website/app where people all across the world can create groups based on hobbies or social activities and create events for people to meet and make friends.

The First Time 

The first time I went to a Meetup was back in July and I mentioned to Rikke that there was this group called the International Meet Up on a Friday in an Irish Bar called Shenanigans and it sounded good. We went to a buffet and I thought of not going, not sure why but I am so glad we did! 

When we walked into the bar it was quiet but everyone was friendly and straight away we were making friends. We met Spanish, Italian, Albanian, English and French and it was nuts! We also met the organiser who I am actually really good friends with now! 
We all went to a club afterwards and all hung out and it was really nice!
The best part is I go every Friday and in the first month everyone all went together and met up! So even though I was meeting new people each week, the same people were there and it was so nice to be able to do that! 

The good thing about Meetup App is that it makes you feel comfortable enough to go to these events by yourself and come back with loads of new friends! These new friends are now my best friends and I hang out with them weekly! It is definitely the best decision I have ever made! 

My best moment was when a stag-do came into the bar and they were from my hometown, it was like a celebration of the southerners of England! 

Another great part of Meetup is the types of groups you can find on there. Its not all partying and drinking groups, there is so much more! 

I have also been to other Meetups for example on Wednesday I go to these Language Exchanges in El Raval. I haven´t been for a long time because I was unwell but I am back next week as tonight I have a lot of catching up to do with house work!
When you go, you are given a sticker for your native language and another for what language you would like to speak. I saw so many people from other Meetups I have been to, its such a nice community! 

There are so many options that you can choose from: art, music, sport and more!
I could not recommend this app more! I would not have made this many friends or gained this confidence if it wasn´t for the app! 

I have always been confident when meeting new people, I think working in a shop you have to be a people person! However, moving to a different country is completely different. You have to take into consideration of the culture and their humour. 
But the events that I have gone to have such a nice atmosphere and it´s reflective to the app because it’s a network where you can talk to members and it is clear that everyone is there to meet people with open arms. 
It isn´t the first time that I would go to an event alone and come back with lots of friends, it happened in the UK too. Every Monday I would go to an alternative night in Bournemouth called District and I would make friends there too because everyone is there because we all like the same music.
That is exactly the same here, people go to these Meetups because they want to meet new people and create experiences! 

So if you are moving abroad and are worried about meeting new people download Meetup, I wrote this out of my own will because I want to give advice on whats helped me! This app certainly has been a massive part of my time here!
When I eventually and unfortunately leave this wonderful city I will still continue to use this app because meeting people from different countries is incredible! 

Hope your all having a good week!

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