Tuesday, 15 November 2016

An Honest Letter from a New/Aspiring Blogger

To those I admire

I did not think that I would be writing this letter/blog post as the reaction and culture I have experienced of bloggers and blogging groups so far is that of a friendly and supportive one.

Do not get me wrong I am in some amazing blogging groups on Facebook and there are influencers out there who always give time of day to reply to me but I have seen a few quotes going round of bloggers agreeing and laughing at how true it is and I wasn´t really impressed by it.

I have seen many bloggers tweet/instagram this quote…

“Really bugs me when I find an awesome IG feed to follow and then find out its all pinterest images If I wanted pinterest. I´d go on pinterest”…

In part I do understand, if I had a travel account and the only pictures I put up were pinterest then I would be generating traffic as if it was my own pictures.. but I´m not.
Admittedly, I do put some pinterest pictures up and credit them when I find the source but I don´t do it all the time. When I started out blogging about travel I used all of my own pictures from Barcelona, I put a few pinterest pictures up no more than once a week as I used to do Places I Would Like To Visit posts. Still today I put more pinterest pictures up but that’s for my own reason which I will explain, but I put my own pictures up too.

I look at it as: we ALL have to start somewhere. We were all newbies at something whether it is blogging, sport of a job. You adapt and get better at it. That´s what I am doing.

That is my problem, it is like people who laugh at this statement forget that people need to start somewhere and build up from that. Whether it is taking low quality photos until they work hard enough to get a camera or credit someone else´s pictures we all are working hard to get to where we want to be.

Until September of this year I owned an iPhone 5C which had relatively good camera quality, but I unfortunately dropped it in the toilet (it was in my back pocket… I forgot) and it broke. So I bought a Samsung J5 because it was the only thing I could afford as I am on an interns wage and it hasn´t got good quality and I don´t like putting many pictures up as they aren´t good enough quality to build a reputable blog from. It is very rare I put pictures up as only a few are acceptable.

I also have a camera back in the UK which I will be picking up at Christmas to see if that’s got better quality but in reality I am looking to buy an Olympus Pen which I probably will not be able to get until April 2017 right before my trip to Rome.

I work 40+ hours a week in a full time job and sometimes do not finish till 7pm, I am not complaining but just trying to show that we all work hard and do what we have to do to keep doing out passion. As my computer is broken I have to do extra work and stay at work a little bit longer to do my personal emails and blogs. I also spend at least 10 hours if not more a week building up my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Online Portfolio and Blog on my phone due to having no laptop.

January 2017 I am doing an Online TEFL Course in my spare time that I don´t really have so I have a job after my internship ends which will allow me to stay in Barcelona and travel on hours I allow myself, it will also give me the opportunity to travel to different countries to take pictures and put on my blog.

Believe me, I really want to use my own pictures and I could if I had a good camera quality on my phone… but I just don´t.
I respect bloggers I really do, part of my job is to work with bloggers and myself also being a newbie blogger I am learning what it is like to work at both ends of the partnership. We mustn´t forget where we came from and that it takes a lot of work to build up a blog.

Just because right now I don´t have the things I need to make good quality photos and put it on my blog doesn´t mean I am not going to just stop doing what I love doing. The only thing I could relate to your frustrations or feelings about this quote is me being at the gym and laughing or commenting on a new gym member having the wrong form or doing something the wrong way. I was a new gym member once and I was probably doing the wrong thing but I learned different methods and adapted.

This is not a blog post to shame or have a go at those who support these comments, but to remind you that there are some bloggers who do repost images because like myself they don´t have the equipment to post their own photos all the time but it doesn’t stop them working. There are a few accounts that repost and do not credit and I understand that is not right but there may be underlying factors why they do not use their own photos all the time.

But I am sure everyone who is new like myself have a plan so we can buy those cameras so we can put good quality pictures up, I enjoy working hard on my blog and in my job as I know I have deadlines and goals for when to buy my new laptop (Christmas), me new camera (March 2017) and new phone (August 2017). When I do I cannot wait to start putting up my own photos.

It has been so hard not having a great phone camera, laptop or good camera but I know once I get my TEFL qualification and start earning money I can then do weekend trips to places I have never been before with my new Olympus Pen and finally be able to put my own pictures up. I have always been frustrated by not having a laptop and uploading my blog via my phone and no camera, I just have to say it out loud as a reply to that quote.

I love the blogging community, we just need to all remember where we came from and help each other.



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