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2017 Travel Plans

As it is coming to the end of November and inevitably, the end of the year it has pushed me into making a travel plan. A proper one.
I was always resistant to doing so as I did not know whether I could afford it as I was uneasy about how I was going to find a job after my internship ended. I knew I had 2 options… teach English or hostel work.


I have decided to take the hostel work route... my Spanish is at an intermediate level however I continue to practice it daily so that my level will improve my March! There are a lot of places that have job roles offering so at this moment I am not too worried. If I cannot find a job then I think I will go back home and be fine because it will be rent free and I will not have to work! Then I can do weekend trips and also go on holiday.

I also have changed my CV into Spanish so when I email or deliver my CV I have an English one and a Spanish one! I just need to make a list of hostels, email them and go in and give them my CV and hopefully hear back from one of them! When I go back to uni I may have a part time job and will be looking for any if I don’t, I have background in restaurants, retail and marketing so hopefully will be able to find something!


So onto my travel plans, and these are for if TEFL goes well and I can continue it on when I go back to uni, although I will be looking for part time jobs just in case! I have already been to Switzerland, Cyprus, Turkey, France and Spain so I want to try different countries, and especially cities! So I have picked 5 that I want to go to next year.


Rome is a definite trip for me! I am going back to England for Christmas and also to get my backpack, suitcases will not exactly be practical! Rome is always somewhere that I have wanted to go, I think it is because of the food! Also, it is the landmarks! I have to go, I cannot live my life without seeing the Trevi Fountain or the Colosseum.

I am also 1/8th Italian so I feel that it is only fair! I know 1/8th is only little but its still a part of my heritage!

I am going for about a week after my internship ends, working 40 hours a week has been very strange for me, especially from doing 9 hours a week for uni! I am proud that I have achieved so much and want to treat myself to a holiday!

Luckily flights from Barcelona to Rome are really cheap if my backpack is allowed as hand luggage but if not it is still only 100 euros!

The hostel I am planning on staying at is the Yellow Hostel, from what I have heard it is a really lively and fun hostel which also has a tattoo parlour… I apologise in advance dad! I already have a small one but he was prepared for that, you can´t even see it either!

My plans for Rome: eat the entire food quantity in Rome. I mean pasta, pizza, ice cream, pasta, pizza and ice cream… you get the hint! Italian restaurants in England are really good but in Spain I haven’t actually enjoyed any I have been to. The pasta and sauces here also taste different so I cannot wait to actually experience proper Italian food! Obviously I also want to visit the landmarks, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and Colosseum are all on my list! Might take a day trip out too!


This trip will be more of a girls holiday! It will be a nice holiday with my friend as I haven’t actually gone on holiday with her for 2 years and I hardly see her! She is coming to see me in December though!
We want a week off in July/August before I come back to university which isn’t actually far from her but depending on what job I have, depends on the time off I get. Although, I do have a few options for flexible part time work!

I and my friend always want to visit new places, last time we went to Ayia Napa at end of the season and as you can expect it was pretty chaotic. This time we want to head to Zante, we chose Zante because it seems a little bit more sophisticated from places we have been recommended to and also we want it to be a mixture of going out and chilled days.

I have never been to Greece before either and I have always wanted to do Island Hopping on a boat so hopefully that is something we can do!

Out last holiday we got a flight which got us to Cyprus at around 2pm I think it was so by 3pm we had time to go to the supermarket, unpack, go have dinner get ready and by 12pm we were out the door until 7am. Then we slept, woke up at 2pm struggled to the beach, had lunch/breakfast tanned until 7pm went back to the apartment slept till 8/9pm then got ready and that was the cycle.

I think this time we want more time to enjoy the country, do a few water sports, see some more islands and maybe not waste so much time sleeping!

There are other places I want to go in Greece like Mykonos and Santorini but they aren´t exactly in my budget!


Another Italy trip but I have to go as soon as possible! Part of my job now is to promote our cities on social media and whenever I promote Florence, I could spend hours just looking at the pictures but I can´t! Only 20 minutes or so!

First of all, it looks so pretty. The architecture there looks absolutely incredible and every time I see a picture of Florence I just completely zone out and just imagine myself there and it doesn’t help that it will be a year or so until I go!
Places to go: obviously there will be a lot of landmarks I want to see, the Duomo is one, Florence Cathedral, Ponte Vecchio, Uffizi Gallery and so much more!

I also heard the shopping there is pretty good! I have always been a beach vacation kind of girl, I think that is from growing up beside the ocean! Since, living in Barcelona and having the mix of coast and city and realising how much cities have to offer it makes me want to go.

I have also had this big appreciation recently for architecture and Florence seems like the perfect place to go!


Again like Florence, I see way too many pictures at work that’s ok with me! I love it but it makes me want to plan the rest of my life as a traveller with the budget of a millionaire.

Budapest is one of those places that in the past year have just become so popular; everyone I see on my social media just goes there all the time!

First up, I have to go to these baths that are always on my Pinterest! They just look so luxurious! I mean they are thermal baths! It would be wrong to me not to treat myself! I also heard that they do massages too… I am not going to say no!

It isn´t all relaxing on this planned trip of mine! I need to visit Fisherman´s Bastion, I have posted pictures of this wonderful landmark several times on my companies Facebook and Twitter because the views are just so good. It is neo-gothic and neo-Romanesque and architecture recently has been something that I am really passionate about!

As with any place I am in, Food is a massive game changer for me. I love my food and my day can be ruined if the food isn’t good! So when I researched Budapest because in any photos all I see are pastries, I came across this place called The Box Donut. Apparently it is the best place to go!


Amsterdam is the cliché place that I want to get off of my list! Not only do I want to go for the canals and architecture I feel like it would be a great place for solo travel!
I obviously have to rent a bike at some point, it is the city known for its bicycles!
Being a complete tourist, I really want to go on a canal cruise! I have no shame in looking like a tourist! After 3 days of walking around the whole of Barcelona my mother and I took a Rickshaw from the beach to Las Ramblas because our feet were so sore, bleeding and had blisters and it was heaven!

I am also hoping to document this with a camera, I do have a black camera at home but I do not even remember if the quality is that good! It is like 3 years old already, but I am going to try it out at Christmas! If not I am hoping with the money I earn during summer If I am successful with a job that I want to buy myself a good camera for university too!


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