Friday, 28 October 2016

I Got Sick

They always say…or from what I always here once a year you get a really bad bug or cold and that’s you done for the year.
And I hope that’s the case! Because the reason of my lack of blogging other than having no laptop is the fact that I have been ill the past 2 weeks.

I suppose 5 months of working Monday to Friday, out most weekends and change in temperature and culture had to have its toll on me at some point!

Burning the candle at both ends seems to come to mind!

On the 13th of October I got sent home from work because frankly I looked ill and I just couldn’t even sit up straight and I knew I had to go doctors.

Luckily I got an appointment the next day, the good thing about the doctors I go to is that it is right around the corner, I can speak Spanish and the doctors speak English and I can use my EHIC!

So it was no problem getting an appointment.

It was pretty obvious to the doctor that I had a throat infection, it was painful to swallow and my glands were so swollen and I got prescribed antibiotics! Yes… the past 2 times I had this the first time I took antibiotics I felt amazing and I couldn’t wait to feel better!

Fast forward to Tuesday where I was struggling, in myself I felt fine but the symptoms were horrible. My throat was even worse and the gland was even more swollen and really hard so I didn´t eat in 2 days it was that bad. The worst thing was having a chest that was warm and my body cold, I thought a shower will be fine before I go to the doctors but no… I couldn’t even breathe because my body temperature was all over the place.

Luckily the doctors gave me some painkillers which helped instantly and I felt so good. Even though I had the rest of the week off I hated being off from work, being in bed and doing nothing did not sit well with me but I knew I had to get better!
Along came the Saturday where I finally felt better but as I went to take a shower I found this rash literally everywhere and it was from the infection the doctor said even though it had gone it’s a side effect or symptom from it. So currently I look like a red spotted leopard, so if unfortunately it doesn´t go by Halloween then I will save money for a costume… got to look on the bright side!

Finally though, it is fading but still its just a funny reminder of what a crazy 10 days I have had! 5 doctors visits and 1 broken laptop later I feel great!

I can´t wait to get back into gym and I am finding my way around blogging without my laptop until I can get a new cheap one when I am back in the UK for a week but my goodness what a week its been for me!
Lesson learned: don´t burn the candle at both ends and expect to be fine and to look after myself more.

It is also coming up to the halfway point of my internship which scares me so much because if its gone this quick, how quick is the other 5 months going to be?

Even though I plan to stay in Barcelona for 3 extra months, it still goes by way too quickly and I am sad thinking about it! 

So my next blog will be my highlights so far from the past 5 months as it has been a truly incredible experience apart from breaking a phone, laptop and my recent throat infection

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