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Barcelona on a Budget For Everyone

Hey Guys!

“Congratulations” and “You know Barcelona is really expensive right? Were the 2 things that people said to me when I told everyone I was moving here for a placement! 

Don´t get me wrong I appreciated the congratulations but once I heard the word “expensive” I started to worry”. If you’re a placement student in the UK or Abroad the salary is less than normal jobs, it covers my rent but I was worried about whether I would be able to do other things.  

Luckily I have my student loan and Erasmus which allows me to fund my time here. I also have a budget of 80 Euros a week to spend so I have more left over when I finish my placement so I can pay rent for the rest of my 4 months here. (I am hoping to get a English teaching job).  

Compared to Europe, yes Barcelona can be expensive; but in comparison to England it is CHEAP! Especially if you know where to go and as a student there are TONS of amazing events to go to with free entry and one free drink.  


The prices of restaurants vary as there are so many types of restaurants as well as the area. Down in La Rambla you will find more expensive restaurants as it is where the tourist are, as well as down Barceloneta. However, if you find café´s and restaurants on the outskirts and backstreets you can find meals ranging from 6 euros to 16 euros. I believe the cheapest meal I have had out here was 4.95 euros and the most expensive was 12 euros! 

Tapas restaurants again vary depending on which place you go but you can have 2 or 3 pieces of Tapas and be full as the portions are very generous! The prices of an average restaurant would be 2-6 euros per piece.  
There are many buffets in Barcelona to which I am very grateful for! The prices range from 11 euros to 15 euros. I recently went to a place where it was 14.95 for a Tapas Buffet and my goodness it was amazing! I had about 3 plates full which was worth the money and more if I am being honest! 
Whether you are a student living here looking for cheap eats or on holiday and want to treat yourself there really is something for everyone.  

My Experience: I have been to a lot of places and the prices are usually the same as England or a lot cheaper! 


There is only 1 place that you need to know about when visiting Barcelona… Mercadona! There are so many located here that it is hard to miss! 

Luckily I live right near this beautiful supermarket and spend half of my life here! It is so cheap! Any English readers here is some sort of explanation… the price of Lidl for the quality of Tesco. It is incredible and you can find anything here!  

Here is a list of basic items I get and the price… 

Milk – 50 cents 
6 litres of water – 50 cents 
12 Large Eggs . 2 euros 
Bread – less than a Euro 
Wine – 99 cents 
Veg – 99 cents for a kilogram of your choice 
Vodka – 5 euros (not a basic item but just showing the price) 
Packet Spices – 17 cents 
Chicken (lasts a week) – 4 euros 

I can go on and on about this but I will not because the list will take forever!  

Bars and Clubs 

I will say now that the main nightclubs Shoko, Pacha and Opium are very expensive, and I mean more expensive than London. For example, 3 glasses of wine cost 29 euros. So as a student I only tend to go it there is an Erasmus Free Dinner and Drinks Event on!  

Again, it all depends where you go. There are average prices places where a vodka and coke will be 5 euros (roughly 4.95 pounds) which I think is great especially as in Bournemouth on non-student nights it would be around 6 pounds! Shots will be 2 euros and so will beer.  

Irish bars are amazing for drink prices! I would recommend The George Payne and Shenanigans! You always meet people from different countries especially the English which is amazing for me! There are many little café´s too which sell cheap beer for 1.80 euros if you want a chilled evening!  

There are also Bar Crawls as well but I have to warn you they have a bad reputation as they are very unorganised! I think the most I have spent on a night out has been 30 euros.  


For those on placement, studying or traveling here and want to keep fit there are many gyms which can offer you great deals. I am spending a little bit more than usual on gyms because I went to a student gym in Bournemouth which had discounts. I am only spending 10 pounds more but it is 24 hours! 

If you do not want to spend money on going to the gym, that’s fine. Barcelona is great for fitness.  
You will see so many people across the beach running, jogging, cycling, skateboarding and rollerblading. You are never short of things to do.  

There is also a great outdoor gym which you can take advantage of.  

It all depends on your timetable you have. I personally decided to spend the money because I knew I could afford it. I also work 9-6 sometimes 10-7 and when I finish cleaning my room and cooking it is late. But I also want to get out of my room too so having a 24/7 gym is really handy especially as it is only a minute away! 


There are so many things to do in Barcelona that the things you need to pay for don´t seem to be a problem and is worth the trip! 

Parc Guell: you can visit the whole park for free and it is amazing. I think I spent the whole time there silent because there was so much to see! The only thing you have to pay for is to get into the mosaic wall which I believe is 8 euros and have to book in advance. 

Tibidabo: The only thing expensive about this is the transport and if you have kids who want to get into the theme park it will set you back some money. But when you are up there it is so pretty and the views are worth it.  

Beach: Unlike some beaches which are national parks and you have to pay to get in, in Barcelona you have unlimited amount of room for the beach. There are also lockers which you can pay 4 euros a day for a locker and a shower room! 

Museums: You do have to pay for museums apart from on Sundays and the first of every month.  

Sagrada Familia: Prices range up to 40 euros although the building from the outside is stunning! I live about 1 minute away from it by walking so I am very lucky! 

Take a Walk: There are so many walking tours these days that cost a fortune! You may as well buy a map and make your way around Barcelona. Visit the Gotic area it is stunning! You save so much money and can choose where you want to go! Maybe its Casa Batllo or Casa Mila… take your pick! 

Magic Fountains: At night visit this beautiful water display near Plaza de España, it is stunning and doesn´t cost a penny! 

Camp Nou: The tour of this very famous stadium costs around 20 euros! Not much at all for football fans! 


For those students that are coming here to work or study or those coming to move out here, you can find so many good deals over here.  

I went through a company called Spot A Home and found my flat! It is small but having a gorgeous big room wasn´t a priority of mine as I only use it to sleep as I am out all the time. The cost is 360 euros a month with bills and a cleaning service included which is so cheap! Considering where it is located it is great! 


There are so many types of transport here than you are spoilt for choice! There are buses, metros, trams, funiculars and bikes!  

In my opinion the metro is the only transport that I use because it literally goes everywhere! I buy a T10, a ticket allowing you 10 trips and you can go as far as possible. It costs 9.90 euros which works out to be 8 pounds so you are paying 80 pence for 1 ride… enough said! 

You can use a T10 on buses and trains! 

So there we have it my advice on how Barcelona can be perfect for those on a budget! 

I am a student and although I have a budget I am still doing well!
Mol xo

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