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Why We All Need To Visit Iceland - Travel Wish Thursday

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Ok, so I have decided that if on Wednesdays I do not have time to publish a Wanderlust Wednesday, it will be published on Thursdays for a Travel Wish Thursday. I have a full time job and with cooking, cleaning, fitness, socialising it gets very hard to keep up! And I am fine with that, its life, nothings perfect!

This week´s Travel Wish Thursday is the amazing country of Iceland.  
I will be honest, I never saw Iceland as a place that I would ever want to visit. I am definitely more of a beach person! But I have seen so many articles of it and I love the outdoors so I feel that it is the perfect place for me to visit.  

1. Reykjavik - The Blue Lagoon 

How could I not start with this amazing city, a place filled with museums and with rich history about the Vikings.  Close to Reykjavik is the Blue Lagoon which is the first thing that attracted me to Iceland. This geothermal pool is a must see for everyone and I love water so this is the thing for me! 
I also get very cold, out of water and in of water I am the only person I know who feels the cold really easily! It will not stop me from swimming in the sea but this hits the jackpot for me!  
Being able to enjoy the nature of Iceland and be able to swim in the steam and have a mud mask, it is the best type of spa day you can get! It is also located on a Lava field… I love adventure so this seems really exciting.  

Ask 18 year old Molly 2 years ago to do anything adventurous and her answer would be “NO”. I have already done things I wouldn’t do two years ago; I have been on a Spanish scooter (smaller motorbike), climbed up a small fort on Parc Guell and I hate heights and swam in the sea under big waves. I have always been fine with water but not when waves are huge and I thought “you know what, I can swim I will be fine” and it was liberating. I used to swim 6 times a week in a squad but it took the passion away from swimming”.  

There are varied prices for the blue lagoon, a standard ticket costs 40 euros which covers entrance and a mud mask! Comfort ticket is entrance, mud mask, use of towel, 1st drink of choice and an algae mask for a price of 55 euros. Premium is everything just mentioned but with use of bathrobe, slippers, reserved table and wine at LAVA bar for 70 euros. Luxury is everything mentioned in premium but with a Spa Journey Product Set and entrance to the luxury lounge for a steep price of 195 euros. I think it would be worth the price but the Comfort Ticket seems like the best deal! 

All the adventurous things I have done brings out a different side to me. To say I have been in the Blue Lagoon in a Lava Field is something I want to say.  

2. Gullfoss Waterfall 

I am a massive fan of waterfalls and I think most of us have fallen in love with pictures of waterfalls. Gullfoss Waterfall is located in the canyon of the Hvítá River.  

I absolutely love water and nature that the world offers us.  There are many ways you can visit this waterfall, if you have a high budget then it is worth doing the Golden Circle tours which I research can cost up to 600 euros. Or if you have a small budget like myself then the Jetboat Adventure Ride at 110 euros seems like a great offer. Just from seeing pictures of the jetboat itself excited me getting rite up and close to the waterfall! 

You can see why it is a popular destination to visit in Iceland, come rain or sunshine it is a stunning view and I wouldn´t miss this if I ever get the chance to go to Iceland! 

The best thing is there is a restaurant and café which you can depart from which is so accessible and easy for tourists to make their way to the waterfall.  

You can also head over to their website here where you can choose from a variety of tours which compared to the tripadvisor prices I mentioned are a lot cheaper! 

3. Black Sand Beach 

My favourite colour is black, so its obvious to me that I need to visit the Black Sand Beach. I mean just look at it, it looks incredible! I could happily live here just because of the colour of the beach! (that’s a joke… I think). 
More known to the locals of the village Vik, the beach is called Vík í Mýrdal. From reading about the beach I found out that the sand is black due to it originating from the basalt lava that covers a lot of the area! I think it incredible how out world works! 

Vik only has 300 locals but is the biggest village in the South of Iceland, you can also find 68ft high boulders too. I love beaches, purely because they leave me speechless and especially ones that are different.  
This is not just a normal beach, there are basalt sea stacks which resemble a pyramid, there are so many things to be mesmerized by! 

I love wildlife, I am a massive support of keeping our nature habitants safe and well. Especially when it comes to whales and dolphins and any animals that is in captivity. I am a massive animal lover! So when I read that on this beach you can find birds such as puffins I got excited! I think it is great that Iceland preserve their natural landscapes and that you can find such wonderful animals here.  

4. Strokkur 

This is another amazing natural beauty of Iceland that I want to see! As much as I love living in Barcelona surrounded by the city it is nice to go somewhere that is completely different and offers something completely different.  

Strokkur is a fountain geyser, sits beside the Hvítá River and erupts roughly every 6-10 minutes. From the pictures I have seen if you are lucky enough to visit and see the northern lights at the same time it is the prettiest view ever! 

What is more amazing is that the first known eruption was as far back as 1789! It is amazing that you can visit it that is so much part of Iceland’s history and environmental history! 
It is amazing how breath taking nature is! 

Has anyone else got some tips on where to go and what to do in Iceland? 
If so comment below!

PS: these photos were taken from Pinterest the original source is unknown.


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