Thursday, 22 September 2016

Why it´s okay to give yourself a break – personal experience

If many of you are like myself where you just can´t stop working and I mean doing 20 more hours work than you should do a week then at times you just need a week off.  

I have always been like this and always say I will take a week off when things get stressfull… but I never learn my lesson.  

So of course that happened to me the past month, as well as my full time job I was working on my blog I would say an extra 20 hours a week so I was easily doing 60+ hours of work. Although I saw benefits in my blogs statistics my personal wellbeing and mentality was not where it was.  

I wasn´t eating healthily, I wouldn´t meal prep or workout or meditate. I was a walking Zombie running off of 4 hours sleep a night.  

In terms of my blog I was questioning whether I was even in the right direction.  

“Should I be a travel blogger if I am not traveling?” … “But I live in a foreign country and have travel plans so maybe I should blog about travel” 
“Should I blog about wellness and fashion whilst I am staying in Spain until my next trip”… “But my camera broke and can´t get a new one till Christmas so I can´t blog” 

I was going mad, I couldn´t sleep, I had no direction and just needed a break to clear my head and set some goals.  

Luckily, my best friend Tasha came down for a week to see me. That meant, no blogging, more sleep, more eating and more time to relax. It was just the break I needed to revaluate everything and it felt great. A week later my head is a lot clearer and I have goals that I forgot I had and am now working towards. 

I found that I lost focus, completely forgot what I prioritised. A week before my break I actually signed up to Natalie Sisson´s Freedom Challenge. I started writing this blog post before I even read Day 1 which actually fits perfectly into this blog post. So this blog is in response toNatalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1. 

The challenge is to write down 2 or 3 challenges that I am facing.  

1. Finding how much time to spend on my blog: with a full time job I do not want to neglect my blog but not spend too much time where I neglect my own wellness, something I have mentioned before in this blog article.  

2. Not knowing if this blog will be successful but also what do I define as success for this blog? Success can come in different forms; when I workout I am successful if I have a good workout and increase my weights. When it comes to my Spanish I am successful if I have a conversation with a local. With my blog, its new to me and a completely different playing field and I do not know or how to define success. Some may be by making money out of the blog, some might define it as networking. I think mine, is to network and interact with people and share my passion. In any job I have if I can share my passion with people or meet new people that makes me happy. Since having this week off I realised I was doing the blog as an outlet for myself but also having the chance to meet new people.  

3. The fear of the unknown: Like I said before blogging is completely new to me and what scares me and if often my weakness is not knowing what I am going to do next or doing something I don´t understand. But a positive attribute I have is that I am bloody determined. I only use that good English word if I am passionate. If there is a challenge facing me I will go through it and get it out of my way. So I am very much looking forward to starting my blog again and also as of 1st of October I will be going to a gym as that helps my mind be clear!  

Blog Goals 
In terms of the content for my blog, I am sticking to Travel because it is something I want to do more in the future.  

I am actually planning a trip to Rome next April before hopefully staying on in Barcelona for an extra 4 months before then hopefully going to Portugal or Croatia. Still haven´t decided yet!  

I am currently saving up for a camera, I am saving 20+ euros a week and have got a nice little money pot so by Christmas I can buy myself a nice camera so I can blog more about Barcelona.  

Until then I will still be doing my Wanderlust Wednesdays or Take my There Thursdays and will most likely be doing more blogs about wellness and lifestyle as I feel that it will help me develop the blog. I also intend to do wishlists for my blog so for example what technology do I want etc… 

I have also decided in January to do an online TEFL course so I can teach English in Barcelona for my extended 4 months. I am already speaking Spanish so I thought it would be a good option to do for work and money. I also love communicating to people in Spanish so it would be nice to help others out.  

I have learned my lesson to not do too much in one go and know that my blog is doing well and improving and I just need to take a step back and go at a slower pace.  
I am no way near close to a professional blogger so taking time to develop my blog should be a main priority.  
Any of you guys experienced burn out like I have? 
Any pieces of advice? 


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