Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Ultimate Shop for Fashion Loving Cash Strapped Students in Spain!

Hey Everyone, 

Back home in the UK my shopping habits and tastes limited me to what I could buy. I loved clothes from River Island and Topshop but I wanted them for New Look Prices. (Although it helped when I used to work in River Island with the discount!). However, I had rent, bills and food shopping to pay for! I absolutely love fashion, it gives you the chance to identify yourself from everyone else. 

I have always loved the 90´s grungy look, so when I was told I was moving to Barcelona I wondered what shops would be out there. I mean I didn´t want to keep sending clothes back home or flying back home and bringing summer clothes home and then bringing winter clothes back to Barcelona. 

A month after I moved I came across the most beautiful shop in the entire world, with clothes the same level of style and quality of River Island with Prices matching New Look and even beating New Look! 

To any students studying or doing a Placement in Barcelona, you need to go to... Pull and Bear!

What is Pull and Bear and Why is it so great I hear you ask?

Pull and Bear is a Spanish company and is a sister company to Zara! Yes, there are Pull and Bear shops in the UK but only in big cities and there are none any place near Bournemouth or Cornwall. (There is never anything near Cornwall these days).

I now only shop in Pull and Bear because it is always guaranteed that every time I go in, I always leave with the pretty pastel blue plastic bags with my new clothes. I do throw out clothes in my current wardrobe I don´t wear otherwise I will have 80kg of clothes to take back home with me next August!

From denim and bomber jackets to shoes and casual wear it has it all! It is definitely a shop that knows no boundries and some of the pieces are definitely unique and thats why I love them. I think the most I have ever spent on an item is 30 euros! 

So far my collection is (I am going to get photos and price them) :

1 Rose Gold Bag
1 Rose Gold Velvet Culottes
1 Rose Gold Velvet Halterneck Bodysuit
1 Navy Blue Velvet Crop Top
1 Red Velvet Crop Top
1 Silver Midi Dress
1 Good Girls Go To Heaven Body Suit
1 Guns and Roses Rock Crop Top
1 Rose Gold Neck-Scarf cut into 2 chokers and 2 bracelets (creative Molly came out to play)

There is a lot of velvet as AW16 is just velvet focused and it´s not hard to see why! The fabric is amazing I keep stroking my Culottes and Tops! Yes I do get strange looks...

YES... I do plan to buy more....

Although I am being practical and planning my next purchases for good use!

1. Trainers - for gym
2. Coat/Bomber Jacker - for winter
3. Jeans - a girl needs more jeans....

See... practical!

Below are some of the items I bought and what you can expect from Pull and Bear!

For some reason this couldn't be found online even though it was a few hours ago!

So in conclusion girls (and boys) do not worry, Pull and Bear is there for you and has clothes that will not damage your bank account, student loan or eramus grant!

The best part for me is I live 10 minutes away from 2 Pull and Bears! It is lucky I have good budgeting skills because I would be there all day!

Happy Shopping and Your Welcome!

If you have some other great shopping advice for Internship Students let me know! Don´t forget to share this blog too if you like it and tag me on twitter with @Molly_Wooders 

Mol xo

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