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5 Top Places to Eat in Barcelona

Hi Everyone,

So I am a massive foodie! So when I found out that I was moving to Barcelona I was ecstatic, I love Spanish food. I went to Granada 3 years ago and lived with a local women with a college friend ad 2 other foreign students! Having Spanish food 3 times a day and it being home-cooked was amazing! So the fact that I have 10 months here makes me very excited! I already have been to so many restaurants already I can't get enough! So I have narrowed it down to 5 of my favourite restaurants that you must go to in Barcelona!

1. Makamaka

I have to start with Makamaka Burger Restaurant. I first came here in June with my mum, we spent what felt like forever walking around the whole of Barcelona. We ended up on the beach and went into the first place we saw which was Makamaka.

I have always been a huge burger fanatic, I only go to one place in the UK for a burger and that is 7Bone Burger, so I had to find something similar. This hits the nail on the head. I been here twice and I have the same thing, first of all their Sangria is the perfect mixture. It isn't too fruity and isn't full of red wine. Then I have a Topless Burger, the simplest of burgers you can get but you still get amazing fillings including lettuce, tomato, cheese and burger sauce! The chip portion size are huge and they taste amazing!

Another reason why I love Makamaka is because it reminds me of being back home, its really chilled and also it has got a surfer vibe to it. Coming from Cornwall, everything is to do with surfing and it is so nice having the resemblance.

2. Bar Nolla

Bar Nolla is the first place I went to for Tapas when I first moved here, it is located in Eixample La Esquerra and is such a pretty restaurant. We had so much food I don't know how we ate it all.

My food preference is very basic to be honest but it has escalated since being here! The two things that I tried which I usually do not like is Grilled Mushrooms and Spicy Tuna Salad. I do not like mushrooms and I hate tuna and seafood. My god I cannot tell you how amazing these two foods are! The grilled mushrooms honestly taste like crisps they are so nice I ending up eating more than my mum did!

The tuna salad was also beautiful, I love the different spices that I tasted and it really made me appreciate Spanish spices and tastes.

3. Olgod

When my best friend from Denmark was living in Barcelona near me, she said she had to take me to this Danish Pub which has the most amazing food. Of course, I am not one to say no to food!

It is such a lovely place and it is so cute, it is really cosy and off the road from Las Ramblas. We had Nachos...which is apparently what is the best thing and must have thing to order.

My god, it was the best Nachos I think I have ever had! There was cheese, chilli, guacamole and salsa! Everything you could need and more!

You all need to get down here and try it out!!

4. Bar Buscatrufas

Came here with Rikke because we hadn't got churros yet and we had to go and have some churros. Yes you can find Churros in the UK, but it will never be the same as those in Spain.

They are so tasty and the chocolate is how they serve their hot chocolate just pure chocolate melted! It is so rich and sweet at the same time you just have the best experience ever!

The service here was also really good too, so friendly and got a chance to practice my Spanish and I was very proud of the fact that I can practice my Spanish.

5. Pura Brasa

Pura Brasa... what can I say... I have fallen in love with this place so much! Me and mum came here twice in 3 days because it was just so good!

I cannot explain the type of restaurant it is, its sort of like surf and turf meets Mexican almost but again with a mix of a surfer vibe!

It is located near the Magic Fountains and the prices are very good! The first time I had curry and it was perfect, it wasn't trying to be an Indian Curry it was just unique and so lovely! Spicier than a korma but so different! Then for dessert I had a chocolate bomb, it is basically a reversed Chocolate Profiterole! So warm chocolate on the inside and cream on the side.

The next time I had a steak and chips, it was so cheap and it tasted soo nice!

Get yourself down to Barcelona!

Mol xo


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