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Why You Have Nothing To Worry About When Moving Abroad

Hey guys,
So I have been taking part in a Pro Blogger (link) challenge where each blog post is a different format and todays post is a FAQ blog. I am no expert in a certain subject nor do I get tons of messages being sent to me about anything in-particular.
However I do feel like I have got a lot of advice about moving abroad especially from the perspective of a student who moved to Barcelona for a placement within the space of 4 weeks! It was a big rush to get things organised in 28 days before I moved to Barcelona and I certainly had a lot of questions and things that I worried about. I am a massive worrier but moving here reassured me everything was fine and I shouldn´t have been worried in the first place because I was organised.
Hands down this is the best experience I have ever had and will give me great opportunities, so if you are thinking about doing a placement or studying abroad give this post a read. If you still have more questions, feel free to comment or email me!


1. I have never been abroad or to *city before. What is the hardest part?
I have been to Spain before but never been to Barcelona and that was only for a week and I am here for nearly 11 months before my adventure to Greece. I definitely had a lot of worries about moving and I always questioned what I might found difficult moving abroad. Because it takes me a long time to get home to Cornwall from my university in Bournemouth I do not really get homesick, I miss my parents and family but I love being in a new place. However, I do understand some people get homesick but you always have FaceTime! The main worry for me was going alone and meeting people, because I wanted a fresh start and to meet new people and make new memories. My main piece of advice is to get stuck into apps like Meet Up or go onto Facebook such as Housing Barcelona or Erasmus Barcelona. This is where I actually met my best friend. The main thing is to immerse yourself into the community and city, I have met so many people and been to so many places I cannot say there is a hard part about being here!

2. Will I be Safe if I Move Abroad?
I think it is correct to say wherever you go there will be areas which haven´t got the best reputation even in the UK. It is important to research and prepare yourself because then if you know where not to go or how to look after your valuables then there is not much you can do. Personally I haven’t felt unsafe here, mainly because I can speak Spanish if there is an emergency but also I have back up plans and am organised. I researched Barcelona and where is good to go and live, I backed up all my documents and made sure I had bags and valuables that meant I could be safe. Do not let it put a downer on your move it just makes you be prepared.
3. Do I Need to Speak the Language?
In my opinion to know basic skills like “hello” and “can I have” as an example is beneficial to know, however, it is not a problem if you don’t know anything. I already know Spanish so it was easy for me to be here and communicate with the locals. However, my friend doesn´t know any Spanish and she is doing fine but there are places you can learn. I´ve mentioned before the app Meet Up, there are different groups you can join and they meet up weekly. I am part of the Language Exchange El Raval and the International Meeting Group and in both groups there are people who are Spanish and either want to learn it. Even my Spanish has improved by speaking to people who only speak Spanish. There are also online platforms you can use as well such as Memrise (I have a pro account because I am obsessed) and not forgetting your university may have resources.

4. Passports, Visas and Grants
As I only had 25 days to move I had a lot to do including: find a house, sort out placement contracts, Erasmus Funding, Student Finance Funding and renewing my passport! I didn´t need a Visa as I am within Europe, although because the UK have decided to vote out of the EU I am not sure whether you will need a Visa in the EU so you may need to check. Passports tend to take 3 weeks to renew so definitely make sure you have enough time to renew this! Mine came a week before I flew! Funding was also quite a panic, Erasmus were really good and they knew that I was moving within the month and the communication was really good. Again Erasmus Funding is for students going into the EU but I hope this is still available for students once we are out! Student Finance is pretty easy (usually) to do, apart from mine has been a struggle due to complications on their end and still waiting for final confirmation but make use of this funding. Have copies too! Make sure you have back-ups in case you lose originals! Overall do not stress about going through these processes, it is the easiest thing to do especially with help from my university.
5. Is it a Big Jump from University to a Full Time Job?
This was a big worry for me as I kept saying “Oh my goodness I´m going from a student and a retail advisor to a Marketing Assistant” and that was scary to me. It was something new to me and also it would be the most responsibility I have ever had in any career. However, I have found the transition really easy and nice as I have had a lot of training and I make sure I always ask questions to make sure I am aware of everything. Also I find, if you want and are willing to learn that will give your employer a good perception of you. Also, since working I have had so much motivation and career goals that I recommend doing a work placement especially abroad to anyone!
In conclusion, going abroad was the best decision I have ever made. Scary? At first yes, but now I couldn’t be happier, in fact I want to stay here forever. It has given me so much outlook in these 3 months and I still have 7 months to go!

If anyone has any questions, please leave it in the comment box or you can email me! Find my email in the contact page!

Mol xo

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