Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Wanderlust Wednesday - Italy

Hey everyone,

My 2nd Wanderlust Wednesday is Italy. It is one of the places I plan to go to after Greece, if not hopefully before! From the Amalfi Coast to Rome, I want to go to so many places! So if anyone has any tips on where to stay, go and most then let me know!

1. Rome

I couldn't start this post off without mentioning Rome first. It is the first place I think of when I think about Italy. I always thought that Rome is a city for couples and I still do but I also know it is a great place for a solo trip! There are so many things I want to see, obviously Trevi Fountain. The architecture is absolutely stunning and I love the feeling it gives you when you think about it. Since being in Barcelona I have never felt more blessed for what I have achieved and it's only given me more goals, so I want to visit the fountain and throw a coin in. I must see the Spanish Steps as well too, I find that since being here people from Europe are so much more social than the English. By that I mean they will meet up at any time of day and they will genuinely take 10 minutes out of their day to see you. I have read that the Spanish Steps are a great place to meet new people and create new memories.

Of course the main reason I want to go to Rome is because of the ... Food! I am an absolute foodie and love all things carbs. So Rome seems like the perfect place to get authentic, real Italian food I want it all! Meatballs, Pizza, Calzones and Pasta... I will eat the entirety of Rome!

For a city that is over 2,500 years in existence there is so much to explore and as they say "When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do".

2. Positano

As soon as I saw this picture I fell in love, growing up going on holiday by the sea and ending up living in a coastal village I have loved nature and especially the ocean. So its quite obvious why I love this picture!

Based on the already beautiful Amalfi Coast, it has a pebbled beachfront and narrow and steep streets with cafes and local shops. I absolutely love discovering new places and getting involved like a local and it is just so different compared to your beach and city holiday! It seems like the perfect place to relax!

I am all for adventure and the thought of visiting Grotta dello Smeraldo is perfect for me, its a beautiful cave that needs me to discover it on those cute little flat square boats! I feel like this would be the perfect place for me to live when I am older!

One place I need to visit here is Bagni d'Arienzo Beach Club it looks so secluded yet really accessible. I love how pretty and quaint this is and seems like the perfect place to go to a Beach Club!

3. Florence

Florence... a city that I know is extremely popular with tourists and has the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen so I need to see this place! Looks like I will have to work 30 hour weeks during Uni to save up for all these trips! It is the capital city of the Tuscan Region and it's no wander especially with the culture it has to offer you.

The Duomo is something that I need to visit with its amazing architecture in the heart of Florence it seems like the perfect place to start a walking tour of Florence.

From looking on TripAdvisor they do Wine and Food Tastings... wheres the registration cause I need to sign up straightaway!

4. Sardinia

The most coastal region that I want to go to in Italy. the gorgeous beaches and terrain make it the perfect place for me to explore!

Apparently there are some amazing places to hike and I am all for one to do active things especially in foreign countries where I get to see all that the country has to offer!

You know the saying work hard, play hard. So once I work hard going on a hike I can go to Costa Smeralda where you can find some amazing nightlife which I find it always fun!

5. Venice

Another place in Italy which I think is only for couples and honeymoons but that's not going to stop me enjoying myself whether it is by myself, with friends or a boyfriend (if that ever happens!!).

I want to do all the typical things tourists do, go on a gondola and go down the beautiful canals. I wouldn't go Italy without having a Gelato and apparently you can find some of the most amazing Gelatos in Venice. There is nothing more I love than a Gelato... and pizza...never forget the pizza!

In terms of sight seeing I really want to see the Basilica of San Marco, seen as the mark of the city's independence is seems perfect to see the culture that Venice has to offer!

Extra Resources

Does anyone have any tips on things for me to do in any of these places??

Comment below if you do or pop me an email!

Mol xo


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