Thursday, 18 August 2016

Wanderlust Wednesday ish #1 Philippines

Hey guys,

So the two things I love is discovering new places and food so I have decided to do 2 weekly posts along with regular Barcelona/Fashion/Wellbeing Tips for my blog.

1. Wanderlust Wednesday: Blogging on places I want to go.
2. Stuff My Face Saturday: where I devour Barcelona's food!

I know it's not Wednesday yesterday I slept all evening after work I was knackered! Plus Monday we had a public holiday here in Spain, so technically this my third day at work this wee which usually would be a Wednesday! So the first place up for my first ever Wanderlust Wednesday is.... the Philippines!

First thing that comes to mind when I think of the Philippines is beaches! An Island country in the South East Asia and consists of 7,641 islands this obviously offers a great amount of views for all travellers visiting this amazing place! I know a lot of people who have gone to the Philippines and their photos look amazing, so here I will list the places that I need to visit!

1. Kayangan Lake

Located on Coron Island, it is one of the main attractions that visitors explore. It is accessible by a 10 minute steep climb, for me that's great because I love fitness especially if you are going to be rewarded by a swim here! I love swimming, I used to swim for my region in the UK but had to give it up because I unfortunately got ill so I love any opportunity I get to swim! Look at those crystal clear waters! You are also embedded within the mountain walls and with wooden boardwalks this is my idea of heaven! If I could I would live here, it looks so peaceful and relaxing!

2. Batad Rice Terraces

One of the many pictures I see from my friends that have been to the Philippines is the rice fields and they always look so beautiful and its a change from being on the beach! Known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Batad is known for its amazing Rice Terraces. Rice Terraces are also known as the 8th Wonder of the World and I can see why! Look at the landscape!

3. Small Lagoon - El Nido

I am a massive fan of Lagoons, I have been to the Blue Lagoon in Olu Deniz and I need to go to the one in Iceland and here! Surrounded by beautiful landscapes who wouldn't want to be here and swim here?!

4. Tumalog Falls

I am a massive fan of waterfalls, I thin they are so pretty and I am obsessed with them! Located in a place with an amazing name, Oslob, apparently the entrance fee is 20 (whatever the currency is in the Philippines) but come on it must be worth it! I would definitely spend that to swim here and apparently for those adrenaline junkies you're not too far from the whaleshark watching point!

5. Panglao Island

Finishing it off with a beach obviously! The bright sand, kayaks and clear and deep blue water, this island is definitely on my to visit list! With a mixture of terrain from flat to mountains and limestone in the area its an island worth visiting.

Anyone else want to go to the Philippines or have been to it??

Mol xo


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