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The Best Way to Learn a Language - Memrise Review

Hey everyone,

This app has changed my life, it is the only non-social networking app that I have used consistently for 4 years. I honestly mean that every week and every day I use this. Whether you want to learn a new language or just need a few vocabulary lessons for your next holiday or travels, this is the app for you! 
I first started using Memrise 4 years ago at college, I started off using it on my laptop as I don´t believe it was even an app then. We would learn or go over vocab that we would learn that week on a specific topic. Still to this day I use it to go over words I know and phrases that are good to know. I have also started a Catalan course too! Here in Barcelona they speak Catalan so I am learning 2 languages at once! However they are similar which makes it easier!  

Now I have a lovely new phone with 16GB of data I downloaded the Memrise App again! I am going to let you know how the app works and why it is brilliant. There are two types of user types Basic and Pro. As an avid user I upgraded to Pro which I have to spend a membership on but its really cheap! They both allow you to view the same courses, but Pro you get special tests to help you with difficult words, listening skills pro mode and also get to listen to natives and understand the language as well as viewing statistics! 
When you first open up the Memrise app, you will come to a screen like below, where you can choose the language you would like to learn. Then it will give you a choice of how to sign up, I do it from Facebook as it loads everything up for you.  

Here is what the main app content looks like. You have 4 tabs Courses, Leaderboard, Profile and Pro. 
Courses is where all the fun starts, if you click on the top left corner button with 3 lines here you can find all the courses that you can learn. You can click on find new course to learn a new one and you keep track with courses that you need to compete.  

The Leaderboard tab is where you can see who is top of the leaderboard with your friends. I was that obsessed with it that I ended up getting a prize at the end of college for the person with the most points! I cannot help it, its addictive!  

Profile, is self-explanatory, it lets you see how many words you have learned and how many points you have. Also your Memrise status changes depending on how many points you have! Apparently I have learned 11,073 words… although I probably couldn´t tell you what they are! I am a memonist where I have over 2,500,000 points and the highest stage you can get is Overlord which is 100,000,000 points! And I intend to get there! 

When you are learning a course you have 4 methods of learning in the basic and 6 in the Pro as you can see below. Learn new words…. Learning words until you have fully learned it (you will do this by building a flower icon). Classic review is where you review words you have learned and the course will keep a track of this. Speed review is new, it is basically a timer where you have to remember as many words as possible and you have 3 lives! It gets me so angry when I don’t know them! My difficult words lets you practice words you struggle with. Listening skills is a multi-choice question, where you listen to someone and you choose which is right. Meet the natives is where you listen to a native then 4 answers pop up and you have to remember what that person said. Really good update in my opinion! 

I absolutely love this app, it is amazing for those you don´t want to buy lessons and do not have the money. There are courses from beginners to advanced covering topics from grammar to idioms (I hate those when doing my exams). 

I highly recommend it! 
Anyone else know any good apps for learning a language?

Mol xo


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