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Huggle With Me - Huggle Review

Hey guys,
As I have said in previous blogs I moved to Barcelona completely by myself. Daunting? Before I moved, yes the thought of being alone was daunting but it is a chance to meet new people and create new memories. This is where Huggle comes in ;)

Moving here I knew I wanted to meet people just like me who have either just moved here or locals that I can get on with and start making some memories with whether that is sitting in a café or doing some sort of activity.
Huggle is a app which connects people that go to similar or nearby places , which I personally think is really clever as it allows like-minded people with the same tastes as each other to connect and make friends! Especially as with other social apps which go by looks and you judge people on how they look it is nice to have an app which encourages people to connect with others who are similar and close.
I downloaded this app via the App Store on my iPhone, however you can find out how else you download it right here . How easy is that right?!
As well as saying what I thought about this app, I am going to tell you how easy it is to use for those who want to try it out!
When you click on the app you will see the main screen with a blue background and the blue logo, and then you have the option to login with Facebook. Super simple, and it adds all information in so quickly!

Once you are logged in you have the option to get notified if someone would like to chat to you and to turn your location on.

Here you can find 4 tabs: Places, Messages, Visitors and Profile. Profile I was really impressed by, first of all the layout. It is simple, presentable and looks modern. This is where the USP of this app is security measures. There are so many apps these days where people can use others photos as their own and mask the actual person they are, which is scary but also risky. However, Huggle changes that and promotes online safety as you can verify yourself in a number of ways e.g. mimic a photo given (you can see in the picture below) and through your social media accounts which makes me feel more comfortable too. Another great thing about the profile is the amount of content you can control on there, you can input a biography, but also you can either add your work and education information but if you don´t want to… no pressure you don´t have to! It is all in your control!

Places is where you can find other Huggle users that are in your area, whether it is a café or a gym, you can find people who are willing to connect and make friends with you. I love the fact that this place connects people together in local places so you do not have to search far and you know that they are friendly and want to meet new people. So you have the choice to look at places your interested in, see who is there and connect with them. There is no pressure to make a choice on what you want to do, you can create and use the app however you see fit.
Messages are for people that you only have a place in common with, Huggle makes sure you have the place in common by stopping fake check-ins! I love this idea as it means realistically you will have a conversation with someone who actually has good input and has something in common with you!
Visitors is a place in which you can see who has been in places near you or that you have been, this means you able to see who might have things in common with you.
Now I have told you the basics, onto what I thought of the app. I think this app is what we all need, whether you move to a new city or simply want to meet new people in your area. There are so many apps that judge on face value and looks and only show events that people go to…not much interaction. That the thing I love about Huggle it is encouraging people to connect with others and getting us to make friends and establish friendships based on common interests. There is so much pressure I believe on looking a certain way and saying the right things that by allowing yourself to see who is in the area and of interest and messaging them and building a friendship allows you to make new memories. Huggle is using social media in the best way by connecting people rather than judging and hurting people I which some ways social media can do that.
My worry with social media apps whether it is dating or meeting people, talking to people who actually aren´t the person in the photo is a worry. So when I saw the verify section on the profile tab, I was surprised (in a good way of course) and really impressed, because it shows that they care about us. It´s great that they want to eliminate things that can be dangerous and what could be a threat to us.
The app itself is really easy to use, just 4 tabs that have a lot of value to them and content. It is really modern and makes connecting with people really simple and makes it a lot easier to work around.
I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who wants to make new friends and build friendships and create new memories!
You can find Huggle on:
Facebook: Huggle
Instagram:  huggleapp
Mol xo



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