Tuesday, 16 August 2016

How to Handle the Heat - LUSH Cosmetics Style

Hi guys!
Luckily enough I have never had a bad skin or hair condition, but I know others have and of course there have been times where I have had bad skin days and hair days.
Yes, I used to get awful spots and I remember a time when I had a bug and I was ill for about 2 weeks and I had literally 20 spots all over my face. I also remember a time where my lovely mother gave me the most awful haircut (she admits the same) and my hair wasn’t right for years and the amount of times I coloured my hair I am surprised the quality of my hair is as good as it is now.

I have always had a good skin and hair routine although I never seriously had a problem, until I came to Spain. As soon as you step off the plane you feel the humidity instantly, as much as I love the heat over here my skin and hair has never been so bad. My skin is dry and I am getting more spots and my hair is so frizzy (I am planning a hair cut in 3 weeks’ time). Desperate times call the for desperate measures and I was desperate.
So where else am I gonna go other than Lush Cosmetics? Nowhere. I have been in love with Lush Cosmetics for ages and I have tried all their products. From Daddy-O to their Christmas Shower Gels I have had it all. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any products on the plane with me as I literally had no room but luckily Barcelona has a Lush shop right near me.
I love being in close proximity to town!
I bought 3 things, Dream Cream, Fluff-Eaze and Tea Tree Water. The 3 things that have changed everything.
First up Tea Tree Water and Dream Cream. I have always used Tea Tree Water as I have used it for about 1 and a half years and my skin never has any problems and since buying it here my skin has improved a lot. I use it when I wake up and before I go to bed. I use it alongside Dream Cream, a hand and body lotion I use this for my face and for my arms (my arms have always been red) and after I use it my face always feels fresh and has some sort of glow about it. Again, I use this straight after Tea Tree Water in the morning and evening before I go to bed. I also find that it has helped with during the day especially in the heat as I do not tend to wear make-up because it is too hot so it makes my skin look a little bit nicer. Also I find that if I use Dream Cream before I put make up on as a Primer the make-up doesn’t tend to dry out and lasts a lot longer!

A bit more about the products. Tea Tree Water (literally using google translate because the label is in Spanish and I am not fluent just yet!). Tea Tree Water is basically a Tonic Liquid that is a god send for problematic sin, it works as an antibacterial and an antiseptic for your skin. Ingredients include Tea Tree Water (obviously!), grapefruit water and many more natural ingredients. The Tea Tree Water acts as an antibacterial and makes your skin clearer. The Grapefruit Water improves the tone of the skin and works wonders for greasy skin or problems with acne. Honestly girls it is lifesaver!
Dream Cream I got referred to because I have a red right arm, I have always had it and as soon as I used this it has helped it calm down. I have nearly run out so I need a new tub! It has a new self-preserving formula, which aims to sooth and cool the skin and works well for any skin types. I have used it for my skin type and my sun burn has gone easily within the day. Ingredients include: oat milk, rose water, lavender oil, organic cocoa butter and more natural ingredients and there has been feedback on their website that it helps with eczema. Both these face products are great even in normal humidity but it really helps in heat and I have seen the most improvement.

Hair Care
Back home I would use Lush Cosmetics Shampoo and Conditioner, usually Daddy-O and American Cream. But I couldn’t bring them with me because I had no room in my luggage! So as soon as my shampoo and conditioner runs out I am going on a Lush shopping trip. My hair has never been frizzy until now, it is ridiculous because I had no clue how to deal with it. So I went into Lush and tried to read all the Spanish labels and find some sort of hair mask. I have had a hair mask before at a salon but it was awful on my hair especially as it was after my hair was washed and it was for dried hair. So I chose Fluff-Eaze, the main word that stuck out to me was Fluff. The main root of my problems.
I use it once a week mainly on the weekend, leave it in my hair for 20 minutes and wash it out with shampoo and conditioner. Main ingredients are Jasmine and Henna. There are lots of nutrient-filled oils including jojoba, almond, brazil nut and extra virgin coconut oil. It helps add sine to your hair and my hair always feels so soft!

I love Lush because of it’s all natural ingredients and that they don’t test on animals. I love the atmosphere every-time I go into their shops.
I would love to work for them part time in Bournemouth during my fourth year of University once I am bac in the UK.
Definitely learnt how to tackle the frizz and dry skin in the humidity!
Anyone else have this problem and got any other solutions?
Mol xo

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