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How 90+ Job Applications and Sheer Determination Got Me to Live My Dream

Hey Everyone,
1095 days of researching, 246 days of applying and over 90 job applications and the 4th of May is the day I finally found out I got a placement. The best part was … it was in Spain. Screaming and jumping around my rather lovely student house my housemates were equally shocked about how quickly one job application process was. My parents crying, finally happy their daughter got 2 dreams in one after months of applying for placements.  

This story starts year of 2014, at an open day with my dad at my second open day viewing at Bournemouth University. That day I was very ill recovering from flu (I´m convinced it was sinusitis), we decided to visit Bournemouth once again after I received an offer from them for Events Management. There we met all my future teachers and there was one topic I was eager to cover… placement year. The year of university I have always dreamed about, where I can put all my hard work into action. At this point I have already been looking at companies and emailing companies asking whether they offer placements. From listening to graduates stories of their placement year I couldn’t wait to start University.  

Jump forward to the 15th of September 2015, after my first year of uni exploring the basics it was time to step it up a notch for second year. The work was harder and the assignments were heavier compared to first year, and even from the 1st of September again ill with a bacterial throat infection from my holiday in bed in Cornwall I was researching for companies. I also was looking for a part-time job, rent and bills cost a lot more than student halls and I needed to finance myself. So I got an appointment to the careers centre got feedback on my CV (a lot needed changing) as I have been with a job previously for 5 years I never changed it. Once I got it changed and sent my CV off to River Island I got an invitation to an Assessment Evening and a week later I got the job! It is amazing how if you change the content and layout of the CV how much prospects can change!  

Around October I applied for 20 placements and people started to get placements and I wasn´t worried because I still had plenty of time to go. January 2016 the majority, actually all of my friends at this point had placements secured. Again, not worried but at this time I applied to 40 placements which at this point was draining. However, I did get some feedback and the main reason was not enough experience for a job (however I believe placements are there to give you experience otherwise where would I get experience from?).  

It got to a point in April where I was worried, I only heard back from less than 6 companies out of 60 applications and the main reasons for not hiring where they have already selected applicants and “not enough experience”. I even had a portfolio I took with me to every interview to make me stand out showing previous blog posts. I was told you have until the end of November to get a placement but to me I wanted one as soon as possible because if I won´t get one now I never will. By May I counted 85 applications via email that I applied for … not even counting those application forms you do online that I never heard back from.  

It was the 2nd of May when I applied for my current job and I got an interview for the 4th. I wasn´t expecting it to be honest, but the job was everything that i´ve always wanted to do. Although I study Events Management I have always wanted to do Online Marketing, I love social media and tourism has always been a passion of mine. After the interview, 3 hours later I got the email I had been hoping for going on 9 months. I got the job in Barcelona. All the worry, fear and terrible 9 months I had been through had all been worth it. I had a lot of hard challenges across the way, at one point I wanted to drop out of university because of the stress and anxiety and I honestly thought I wasn´t deserving of a placement as no one wanted me.  
But realistically the Events sector and placement sector of university jobs is very demanding and competitive. A lot of students across the UK are looking for placements, I knew it wasn´t my CV or my interview skills it was just down to experience needed.  

I was so happy I ended up crying.  

So I had 23 days to move to Barcelona. That’s where all the hectic planning came into action.  
But it was so worth it. It has always been a dream of mine to live and work in Spain, but I thought that would be after I graduate let alone in my early 20´s! My granddad spoke Spanish, and would always say things to me in Spanish and I remember he would always be so happy that I was learning it. Although he isn´t with us anymore, the importance of me learning Spanish is prominent. When I told people I would be living in Spain the first thing they said was, “Your Granddad would be so proud”. I hope he is proud, I hope everyone is proud of me.  

3 months on since moving to Spain I still have a smile on my face every day, arrive and leave work optimistic with so many ideas for content, for my blog and for my future. I have learned a lot about myself but also a lot about Marketing which is a function I really want to get into. I probably might not have learned this from an Events Placement, I know about coding, CMS, SEO and a lot about International Markets which I feel will give me an edge and a niche to work with when it comes to my dissertation.  

A lot of things went on during my application process from September 2015 other than the application process that really tested my strength for the first time in a long time. But my passion, strength, motivation and the need to make my family proud of me pulled through. At the end of it, I get to live my dream, learn a new culture, meet new friends and be a better and stronger person.  

It showed me no matter what is thrown at you, you can get through it.  

Cheesy? Yeah, maybe but it´s true.  
Does anybody else relate to this or have a similar story? 
Hope I have inspired other students that hard work really does pay off in the end.  

Mol xo

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