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20 Things To Do In My 20's

Hey guys,

Since moving to Spain my motivation and my goals have just increased dramatically. This never happened in the UK so I am thanking the Spanish culture for making me this excited.

I have seen so many travel bloggers articles about Bucket Lists and things to do before your 30 or whilst your young etc. So I thought I would come up with my own, some are travel and some are just normal things I want to do. But definitely these are going to be ticked off my list!

1. Work Abroad in a Resort

This will be ticked off the list by October of 2017 as I am going to Zante for at least a month to hopefully work within the Bars or PR. I have always wanted to do it especially since going to Ayia Napa last year because I am only young once and it is a right of passage! Also when I go back to University in September for my final year that’s my time to start planning my career choice for when I graduate and planning what I want to do and get serious! Going to Zante isn´t just about getting a tan and getting drunk every night, I really am looking forward to spending my summer with a new bunch of people, making life-long friends and creating new memories for myself. Just need to book tickets!

2. Live Abroad

I am technically already doing this and it is ticked off the list. I have been learning Spanish for 12 years now and it was always a dream to spend a year our here in Spain, but I never thought I would be doing it this soon but I am so glad I am. I love the fact that I get to improve my Spanish, the other day I went to this International Meet Up via the Meet Up app and met so many people and ended up speaking to a local for the whole night just in Spanish. I was so proud of myself. Being out here I get to embrace the culture, meet new people and create new memories for myself and I am the best I have ever felt. The best thing is, working in Marketing over here it is giving me an edge for when I get back home to study events; I am already thinking about my niche when it comes to dissertations such as the importance of bloggers, international communications. I have so many ideas!

3. Visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

I am definitely one for a sunny holiday but it can get quite boring sunbathing all the time, although I do travel and see other places when on a hot holiday I want a change. I really want to visit the Blue Lagoon for many reasons, well… who can deny how amazing this place looks! I have heard so many great things about Iceland that I need to start saving the pennies and book my trip!

4. Go to a Festival Abroad

I love festivals and have been to and worked at many and I love the atmosphere of them, but I have never been to a festival abroad. I have two that I want to go to Benicassim and Sziget. Both look amazing and cheap in comparison to other festivals. Benicassim I believe when I last checked was 85 euros for 2016… Reading Festival cost me 250 pounds for 3 nights! Has anyone been to a festival abroad and recommend it to me?

5. Graduate

Seems a bit of a silly one seeing as I am already in University, but University has already been part of my plan since I was 16 when I started thinking about my career. I am hoping to Graduate with a good score and I have never had so much motivation to do well to I am hoping my final year I will smash it! I just want to be able to say I did it, the debt was worth it (although 9,000 pounds a year I think is too much for 10 hours contact a week) and I am ready to start my career.

6. Go to Ireland and Have a Guinness

Typical thing to do and really stereotypical but I want to visit everywhere in the UK. I have been to Wales already to see my sister in Cardiff and Ireland is next on the list. Obviously I will be seeing what else is to offer, but I have served so many Guinness´s at my previous work and seen so many here in the Irish bars I need to see what the fuss is about!

7. Go to Italy and Eat Pasta etc.

Etc. is there because there is more than just pasta I want to eat in Italy. I am an absolute foodie. Gone are the days when my dad would have to eat my leftovers, I became a proper foodie on my 19th Birthday. Parent´s came to visit me in Bournemouth and I had a 3 course meal and ate it all and the look of shock on my dad´s face was priceless. My top favourite foods are Italian, Chinese and Indian. So I am going to book myself a weekend in Italy and stuff my face with meatballs, Bolognese, pizza, gelato and anything else I can get my hands on!

8. Explore a Cave

It seems whenever the question gets bought up of “What was your childhood toy or film etc?” everyone has an answer apart from me. I can´t remember a toy or a favourite film as my childhood was very active and remained social especially outdoors and I am so thankful for that. Whether it was going on holiday to Cornwall every couple of months and surfing, going to work with dad or just going to the local parks to go for a bike ride we were always outdoors. So I either want to go to the caves in Portugal or if I am saving money go to one of the many caves to explore in Cornwall.

9. Sleep in a Yurt

I have been camping so many times and loved it, whether it was family trips or going to festivals its just a fun way to spend a weekend. So I am going to grab some of my closest girlies and have a weekend trip in a Yurt and see if we survive!

10. Do some Conservation Work

I will admit I haven´t been one of those to give 5 pounds to charity a month or anything I don´t have a reason but I have donated to charity before. But there is one conservation project that I am extremely passionate about. The captivity of Whales and Dolphins and to be honest every animal in captivity but I just know a lot about Whales and Dolphins. It sounds hypocritical because I eat meat but I make sure its free range at least etc. If you have ever watched the documentary Blackfish and The Cove you will know what I am on about. Seaworld is a company that I used to want to go to as a child but now will never visit. Barcelona Aquarium also shocked me how bad their facilities were just check out my article The Good and The Bad.

11. Visit Scotland

I have no idea what I want to do in Scotland but like I said before I just want to visit everywhere in the UK. Plus I am an 1/8th Scottish I believe as well as 1/8th Italian so I have to go. Anyone recommend anything to me?

12. Go on a Helicopter

One fear I have is heights and the fear of falling but surprisingly I love flying that’s the only thing that I do not mind. So I really want to go on a helicopter, I heard that you feel every move it makes and also the videos on I´m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here of them flying into the jungle doesn’t help. But I want to conquer my fear and it will be an experience.

13. Become Fluent in Spanish

Apparently according to everyone I have met out here I am amazing at Spanish when I have had a drink than when I am sober. I have a goal to be able to speak fluently if not that then at an advanced level by the time I leave but I really want to be able to be fluent.

14. Visit a Waterfall

I have always been a water baby I am obsessed with the sea and especially little coves and hidden pools. So a waterfall is something I really want to discover, especially abroad. Does anyone know any good waterfalls abroad?

15. Go to Oktoberfest

I am hoping Barcelona have some sort of celebration for Oktoberfest. But I do love a good public holiday or celebration and from looking at videos of these celebrations it is definitely a must see.

16. Go to a Full Moon Party

I don´t know if I will ever be able to afford to go to Thailand and go to a Full Moon party but I have seen plenty of alternatives which do the same sort of thing! The thought of partying on a beach with tons of people and UV paint really excites me!

17. Go to Croatia

Croatia is one of those places which is up and coming and a hidden treasure. I really want to go to Hideout or Soundwave festival here as I have heard that it is amazing but also the places that I have heard about and read in Croatia makes it seem like the next place to go on holiday.

18. Go on a Hike

I love my fitness and finding the most amazing views. I have been on hikes in the UK but I really want to find a coastal path or something similar here in Barcelona or go on holiday to a fitness retreat and hike up the most amazing terrain. Holidays doesn´t have to be just about sunbathing! Anyone know any good places to hike?

19. Continue Volunteering

I have volunteered for lots of festivals for a while now and I love the experience I get working for them, but also I gain a lot of skills too. I remember volunteering the Big Green Coach Company for the Bournemouth 7´s Festival. A couple of years ago I was not confident at all and was really shy but they wanted me to be on the megaphone letting people know of coach rides back from the festival and I met a lot of funny people and my social skills improved and so did my confidence. I also worked for them for Somerley Tea Party. This time I had more responsibility, as it was raining for the festival is was likely coach tickets back would get ruined so I had a list of people who bought coach tickets in case their phone battery died or their ticket was ruined. It was a hard job with the worst rain I have ever seen and a coach break down due to people kicking the door and the mechanic having someone run into the back of his car causing major delays there were problems to overcome. My paper containing names was ruined and I was cold but I couldn’t let that stop me doing my job. People were angry over the delays but I had to explain we were not at fault and explain everything I knew to make sure people understood the situation. I ended up finishing and getting home at 6am, 3 hours later than I was meant to but I do not regret doing it because not every event is going to run smoothly but also they want me back to help them at more events!

20. Visit the USA

There is one place I really want to go to in the USA and that’s California, it just seems to me that it is really laid back and chilled and that is what I like. But the main reason I want to go is because I came across this restaurant on Facebook called Big Dick´s Last Resort. Studying experiential marketing in my degree it taught us to think outside the box and this is what this place does. When you go to restaurants you think of great service right? Well this restaurants does that but in a different way, the key is that if you banter and take the micky out of them they will do it back and if you watch their YouTube channel you will understand what I mean. From throwing paper napkins, making funny hats for people and standing on tables this is the place I want to visit!

Anyone have any other things they want to do or have advice for me?

Mol xo


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