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10 Must Have Items For Your Next City Break

10 Must Have Buys for Your Next City Break
Living in Barcelona has given me the opportunity to have many little city breaks in this gorgeous city. From Parc Guell to Mount Tibidabo, I have done everything every tourist needs to do and visit in Barcelona. So I am going to tell you guys things that you need for your next city break, from my own experience and mistakes!

1.       The Ultimate Tourist USP… The Bum Bag

I usually only think of Bum Bags at festivals, you pair it with a pair of wellies and face paint and you are ready for the main stage. Well, in Barcelona I already stick out like a sore thumb, I am blonde and very very pale. Not being stuck up because I’m not but a lot of woman stare because I look so different until I start to speak Spanish to them and then they make me feel like a local. So my nightmare was drawing more attention to myself by wearing a bum bag but my goodness was I wrong. Myself and 2 friends decided to visit Mountain Tibidabo, which meant a long journey up and down the mountain (1 train, 1 tram, 1 funicular up, and 1 bus and 1 metro home). So I do not want to lump around a heavy bag with me. It is tiring and along with the heat it is too much! So I bought out my bum bag, packed my phone, ID, card, money and keys and went on my way. It did not get in my way and was so easy to carry around! No one looked at me because everyone was there to be a tourist and to be honest I felt like a proper traveller.

2.       Water Bottles Are a Life Saver

Whether it’s a sturdy filter bottle or a good quality plastic bottle, you need to keep this with you all the time you are visiting your next city break. Usually there will be water stations along the street, in Barcelona they have the nicest ones and is so good when you run out of water plus you save some money rather than buying 3 bottles in one day. Stupidly when me and my friend went to Parc Guell I forgot my precious 1.5 litre water bottle and could not wait to find an ice cold bottle of water. Luckily there were people selling water at the Parc but although a big bottle of water may be an inconvenience because it is so heavy, it is needed.

3.       Walk Comfortably

Trainers and/or a good pair of comfy shoes is a must. When I first got to Barcelona, I had no idea how big Barcelona was, sounds silly I know but I didn’t know how much walking we would be doing. I wanted to get the metro, my mother wanted to walk everywhere which in the end was great as I wouldn’t have got to see the stuff on the metro and I got to know the area. Unfortunately, I wore flip flops and sandals with really thin soles and unfortunately for me that meant 6 blisters on each foot. Luckily I found the comfiest sandals ever! But if you do buy some shoes make sure to wear them in first! I tell you walking from Eixample Esquerra to el Dret, Gracia, Barceloneta and La Rambla is a long walk!

4.       Be a Typical Tourist with a City Guide

Moving to a new city I obviously had no clue where I was going, but my Aunty and Uncle got me this cute and compact city guide filled with a metro and location map, landmarks and basic language words. I speak Spanish already so my mum got most use out of the language section, but the maps and metro stops definitely was handy especially in this huge city! Yes you will look like the ultimate tourist but it will give you all the information you need and maybe some ideas to do!

5.       Be Stylish and Healthy

Whether its summer or winter, you are going to want a hat to keep you cool and warm. Obviously I haven’t experienced Barcelona in winter yet but in the UK I always wear beanies so I am going to have to buy some over here. I still need to see what clothes I have at home to be sent here before I spend more money! But so far in summer I have been using my Ivy Park baseball cap everywhere, especially on the beach. Especially being English and pale I burn easily and my eyes are really sensitive to light, so it helps keep me cool.

6.       Protect your Back

Moving over here I couldn’t only take 2 suitcases (Mum gave me her luggage allowance) I only took 3 bags, 2 over the shoulder and one bulky one and one is broken. So I need to buy a new one but I want to save money, but I found this really cute backpack in Zara I need! But ever since the time I went into the Zara sale I never want to go again it was crazy. But backpacks are so good and so comfy especially as they are supportive on your shoulders.

7.       The ultimate attention seeker … the Selfie Stick

It’s the product people love to cringe at, I have been that person but my goodness does it bring good photos! Not even to take a picture of yourself but if you are visiting a landmark that is far up from the city. Just extend the stick face it in the city direction and there you will find the best view of the city. Me and my friend did this at Parc Guell and she got the most amazing photos!

8.       Scarf for Multiple Uses

Scarf’s or sarongs are the best thing for your city break, whether the weather is bad one day, need it to have shade or visiting a religious landmark a scarf is perfect for this. If you think about it, it also means less to pack in your suitcase so you save some room!

9.       Travel Apps

Technology has developed so much in the past well decade and every year it constantly gets better. If you want to find good places to go Tripadvisor is obviously the place to go. But there are plenty of apps to hold your documents, see different transport options and hotels to visit.

10.   Portable Charger

I tend to find that in the sun it completely drains my battery which sucks if I want to take pictures or call my friends to tell them what a great time I am having a brag a lot to them! So a portable charger is definitely something I have to invest in. Also what if you get lost somewhere and need google maps to help you find your way!
One for the girls who want to make a fashion statement on city breaks with beaches like Barcelona…
I have just got this huge obsession with Rock Box Boutique, their swimsuits, chokers and sunglasses are to die for! Unfortunately, I need to get a few things first before I can accept deliveries in Spain but as soon as I do and don’t spend money for a few weeks I need to buy this gorgeous bikini set and sunglasses!

Any other things people bring with them to city breaks?

Mol xo

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