Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Travel Plans 2017

Hello again,

So this past week has been exciting! I have finally decided and booked where I want to go next summer!

Working where I do really has inspired me to work for what I want that I can do anything I want to do once I put my mind to it! I have always wanted to work abroad in a resort because I am only young once and when I go back to uni for fourth year I want to settle and focus purely on getting a good career.

So on the 24th of May 2017 I will be departing from the UK to Zante! I have been to Ayia Napa and I currently live in Spain so I wanted to go some where I have never been before! Also, I heard Zante is one of the nicest resorts (after Ibiza but I cant spend that much at Ibiza!). I will be going with a company called Playaway who I have known for a couple of years and I have heard nothing but good stuff about them!

As well as the partying and the working I do want to travel around Zante and see what it has to offer, I have always been a lover of the sea and beach (I was a water baby... parents chucked me in the pool as a baby to learn how to worked). I just think being here everyone is so happy and theres a sense of wanderlust and exploration amongst everyone and I want to continue that.

I am really looking forward to meeting new people and making more memories for 2017 but also for this blog too. I am hoping to spend at least a month there and stay for 2 months as it leaves me just over a month to be home with me parents! I mean I am away now for 10 months, then back home for a month before I head off...I think they might miss me!

I love the fact that I was able to just confirm my booking without hesitation, if I told myself a year ago that I would be living in Spain and going to Greece for a month I would have laughed. Because before University I was so shy and quiet and didn't really know anything other than Southampton and Cornwall. But ever since being here I feel a lot more myself and I see myself doing stuff I never thought I would and challenging myself!

So fair on my country list is France, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey and Switzerland and there are so many places I want to visit! After Greece I want to go to..

1. Rome
2. Amsterdam
3. Denmark (have to see where my best friend is from!)
4. Croatia
5. Germany

I am a lover for city breaks and beach holidays as well but living here has taught me there is so much to do other than be on the beach, such as visit Parc Guell (next blog post).

But I am so ready to travel around Barcelona and Spain before my trip to Zante!

Anyone been to Zante before with some advice? Or Barcelona and tell me where is good to go? I am here for 10 months I have got a lot of time to see places!

Mol xo

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