Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Meet my 5 Favourite Bloggers

Hey guys,

I have always been a fan of bloggers, the past couple of yours they have got so popular and are so important to social media. They can use social media in a really good way and use it to help businesses. I am going to show you my top 4 favourite bloggers who focus on topics from fashion to travel.

Since working in Online Marketing and working with bloggers I realise the importance of what they do and a couple I have just come across and been really inspired by. You guys definitely need to check out their blogs!

1. Lydia Millen

I had to start off with Lydia Millen, I came across her blog 2/3 years ago and became obsessed. She just came across straight away as a down to earth and honest person and she really is. Her blog is so sophisticated and her content is so pure and authentic it makes it really nice to read.

She also has a vlog too in which I love to watch as it covers stuff from Hauls, Un Boxing and follows her on her travels. I also love when her vlogs include her boyfriend Ali and their cute cat Lumi (I hope I spelt that right!). From Missguided to Chanel, Lydia will give you everything and more with content that is so personal it makes it easier to relate to her.

I really like how on her snapchat as well as her vlogs at times she doesn't take herself too seriously, which makes her one of my favourite bloggers. I have watched so many of her vlogs I went past The White Company in Exeter one time and immediately thought of Lydia because it's known to be her favourite shop!

Definitely give her blog a watch and follow her on social media you will not be disappointed!

2. Sarah Ashcroft

This girl is slaying right now. I came across Sarah Ashcroft's blog soon after Lydia Millen. Like Lydia, Sarah focuses on Fashion, Beauty and the odd travel blog (I am very jealous of her two trips to the Maldives). What's great about Sarah is that she loves and raves about clothing that is affordable to us and she pulls every outfit off flawlessly. My favourite outfit of her's has to be the Wireless "Highlighter" Top. I forget what  its called but on her snapchat that's what she called it!

She has the most amazing YouTube Channel where she gives you content from Q&A's to Beauty Tutorials. You need to give the make up tutorials a watch because they are life changing. I am noy joking, I recently followed it and surprisingly it went well! I just need to man up and try to put on false lashes! I really wish she was my make up artist! Also her hair is just life!

She has just turned 22 and has accomplished so much already and has flown over the globe this year already especially the past month it makes me very motivated to keep doing what I love.You must check out her blog and social media, trust me you will not regret it!

3. Vicky Flip Flop Travels

From the short time I have come across Vicky's blog, I love her already. She is everything that I aspire to be. She went out travelling did anything and everything and has got the most amazing content on her blog. I love the fact that she focuses on festivals and she has already persuaded me to go to Sziget Festival in Budapest! As a music fan and since living in Barcelona I just want to travel, so by reading her blog and reading all about music festivals it gets me so excited for the future.

She also has a YouTube channel which has some great content and shows you footage from all around the world. As well as festivals, she has gone all around the globe and documents it on YouTube which gets me even more excited to start with my own travel plans.

As someone who has always debated whether doing a blog will benefit me I am always looking out for advice, and Vicky has all the advice I need on the blog. So if you are looking for a blog which gives you awesome content and advice for people starting up blogs, this is the one for you!

4. The Blonde Abroad

As a fellow blondie I absolutely love this blog. It's vibrant, modern and has got everything and more. I love reading Kiersten's blog for many reason, I love the diversity of content she has on her blog. From city breaks to exotic destinations she covers everything.

She also breaks her blogs down via activites, from study abroad to solo travel there is so much to learn from her blog and this is another blog which gives me so many ideas on what I want to do when I travel at some point.

She has done so much already, its nice to see a woman who has done it by herself and worked so hard to be where she is today. It makes me want to work 10x harder at what I do because she has inspired me to hopefully inspire other people! Check out her blog for travel tips, destination tips and all things travel.

So come on, get reading and get inspired!

Bye guys,

Mol xo


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