Thursday, 21 July 2016

I couldn’t visit Tibidabo without mentioning Joey Tribbiani!

Hey guys!
This blog starts off one night watching Netflix (Spanish one) and came across Friends probably actually most definitely my favourite TV programme EVER! It was the episode where Joey was telling Ross his story for wooing a girl. The story where he goes backpacking around Europe, and he hiked up Mount Tibidabo and saw a women crying... we all know the story!
Anyway, the next day my friend suggested we go to Tibidabo and we are all friend’s fans and we had to go especially because it’s such an iconic episode but also we want to see all Barcelona has to offer!

The last weekend we went up on the hottest day ever! It’s the furthest I’ve gone out in the city, we had to walk to the metro, get a train, get a tram and finally get a funicular! A very long journey it cost around 15 euros at least but it was worth it! It costs more if you want to go to the amusement park but I conquered my fear of heights and went up the super steep funicular! The views going up the mountain got even more amazing! You can see from the photos, and even they do not do them justice!

If only Joey Tribbiani could see the views! How you doin’? J
Once you go up unless you are going to the amusement park there isn’t much, but you get to see a different part of Barcelona and that’s what it is all about for me anyway!
There are so many cafes to go to as well, we went to this one bar. Can’t remember what its called as per usual! But the way you order food is so strange especially for a very old fashioned décor! You go to this massive vending machine where it is a massive touchscreen where you choose what you want, your given a number and you just wait for your food.

I had Patatas Bravas (AKA Spicy Tomatoes) if I haven’t told you before Spanish Food is my favourite, I love it. I can’t explain the taste but I can guarantee it was so good! I need to buy a cook book so I can cook these foods when I am home! I am not missing English food at all!
Overall Tibidabo is so beautiful and the views are amazing! So many panoramic opportunities and you can see the outskirts of Barcelona and look at more of the culture! The downsides are… well you can change it, is the price and way you get up there! For me spending 15 euros wasn’t ideal for me to pay to just get up there! But there are buses you can get too which work out cheap if you get a T10 from the metro station. Which is 9.90 euros for 10 trips which works out soo cheap!

Anyway, Mount Tibidabo is off my checklist and this weekend I believe we are going to Montjuic! I have been there before but my friends haven’t so I cannot wait to show them the Magic Fountain at night! Also coming up is a blog about Carli Bybel x Missguided Campaign and Fashion Prescription and another one on speaking Spanish here!
Bye again,

Mol xo

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