Saturday, 23 July 2016

An Introduction to Barcelona's Beaches

Hey Guys,

Barcelona's beaches are one of the most amazing beaches I have been on! It's great because its got such a long coast line and each beach is different! Each beach has so much energy and atmosphere on it I love them all.

I have visited 3 different beaches here, Barceloneta, Vila Olimpica and Playa de la Nova Icaria. I will explain what each beach is like so that anyone interested in visiting Barcelona will know what beaches are perfect for you.

1. Barceloneta

Barceloneta is the beach that everyone will recognize as when you type in Barcelona Beach into google that's the picture will come up! the nearest metro is Barceloneta and is close to so many bars such as Maka Maka Burger Bar and Ice Bar as well. Personally I find it the 2nd most attractive beach as its a good size its near everything and there are some great views! The only downside is the sea, it isn't the cleanest of beaches. You might find rubbish in the sea which was a massive turn off for me. It is a lovely beach so close to all the restaurants and its perfect for those not looking to walk too far to find a beach! You will find a lot of locals trying to sell things like Mojitos, rugs or bar crawls (do not buy the tickets), so you will have to block it out.

2. Vila Olimpica

I first went to Vila Olimpica when me and my friend went to an Erasmus meet up. The first thing I noticed was how sophisticated the beach was compared to Barceloneta. You are near to the restaurants and you are near to bars like Shoko which play music so it makes it nicer to hang out. Also the water is much cleaner here and it makes the sea look really blue and it is stunning. You will also find that there are no people selling things on the beach, well it didn't happen when I was there. The nearest metro is Ciutadella Vila Olimpica and its not too much of a walk either. There are great restaurants nearby which sell great food such as nachos, smoothies and pizza's. Definitely a place for those who want a calm beach experience and have a relaxing day.

3. Playa de la Nova Icaria

This is just down the road from Vila Olimpica, its about a 5-10 minute walk from Ciutadella Vila Olimpica metro station. It is a smaller beach compared to Vila Olimpica and Barceloneta but its definitely a less touristy area and you will find more locals there. It is near restaurants such as McDonalds and take out food stores. The water isn't as nice as Vila Olimpica in my opinion but it is not as bad as the sea in Barceloneta. There are volleyball courts as well as in Vila Olimpica, so if you want to take a break you can. There area few people selling drinks in the beaches but not a lot which makes it bearable!

In all beaches there are announcements every hour in Catalan, Spanish and English. Giving warnings about being careful in the sea, not leaving your stuff unattended and sun protection. Which I think is a really nice idea for looking out for the health of people on the beach.

On all beaches you have outside showers to wash all the sand off your feet and around Vila Olimpica you will find lockers for 4 Euros a day to keep all of your stuff as pickpockets are known here.

I love Barcelona, its a huge city with such a diverse outlet for things to do. You have La Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell to take a look at the culture of Barcelona. Las Ramblas and Passeig De Gracia the place to go shopping and after a long day you can rest at the beach!

I cannot wait to sunbathe tomorrow, after such a busy week I need a spa night!

Mol xo


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