Saturday, 16 July 2016

A Step to Step Guide to Parc Guell

Hey Guys,
When I first got told I was moving to Barcelona I immediately started to research and plan (I am an organised freak). I started planning where I wanted to go, and first on my list was Parc Guell.
As much as I love lazying about on the beach after a weeks work I wanted to visit all Barcelona had to offer including the architecture.  Parc Guell is one of the major works by Antoni Gaudi, an amazing Spanish Architect. His work is incredible, to me a mixture of rustic and mosaic. The thing that surprised me was how big it was (sounds silly I know), but when you search Parc Guell the images that come up are of the mosaic wall but there is so much more to it than that. The side we entered was on a walk way and you go across these rubbled paths to which you find the most amazing views, and we found this (don’t laugh at how I describe it). This small mountain of bricks and rocks almost like a viewing point for any incoming visitors (back in the day – like I said I cannot describe it even my dad laughed at me when trying to explain). The views you see are amazing. Walking up the back pathways you come across Gaudi´s house and the museum and so many more beautiful sights.

As you walk down to the mosaic wall you can walk down this sloping pathway with the most beautiful design and decoration. The only way to describe it is like when watching a bond movie, when they are in France and he is driving in his sport car around the windy roads of the cliffs. It is like that but it’s a stoned walk way slowly making your way down the park it is beautiful. To see the mosaic wall which we didn’t realise is that you have to pay 8 Euros for a specific time slot, however we got to see the wall just not go near it as the next time to see it was 2 hours after that but it was stunning. It is definitely a must see!

Now for some tips for your trip to Parc Guell...
1. Buy comfortable shoes
Believe me you will need them! The walk from the metro to the entrance isn't that far but the Parc itself is big so you do need some lightweight trainers! Especially in summer you need them to be lightweight because it is so hot! I wore black trainers and it was so hot and sweaty I am not going to lie! But it was worth it as I had no blisters at the end of it!
2. Bring Water
Or if you don't have water there are a few convenience stores in which you can buy water.... buy a litre bottle at least! Especially in summer! I stupidly forgot to bring water but I bought some before and you need it, its basically a hike!
3. Bring a Camera (or a selfie stick...optional)
The views you will find are amazing, although selfie sticks are funny to watch people use they are great for catching memories!
4. Go with a Friend
Its a great way to travel and create memories together! it was so much fun seeing it with my best friend Rikke and we got to discover so many places!

Also if you want a great place to eat before you go up to Parc Guell there is an amazing Organic Café and I am so annoyed that I do not know what the name is because its amazing! But there are many cafes around Barcelona... the foods so good I need to learn how to cook!

That's it for now guys,

Mol xo


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