Saturday, 4 June 2016

I Moved to Barcelona!! happened!

I now currently living in Barcelona! It was a very emotional journey but so far I have loved every second of it so far!

The flight was okay, I've flown before so it was nothing special but it was the first time I flew with EasyJet. I was actually quite surprised how basic their planes were, I know they are budget but Flybe did have better planes when I flew to Granada. After a very bumpy descent, we finally arrived here and already felt so comfortable after we got our bags very quickly it was time to travel to the hotel!

My 10 years of learning Spanish came into good practice as I was able to talk to the taxi driver and say where we were going. As we were too early to check into the beautiful hotel Sant Angelo, we decided to go for a walk around Barcelona and I mean a very long walk! Wearing all black probably wasn't acceptable in 26 degree heat! We spent the day walking around Carrer D'Arago seeing where my work and new flat was and it wa a very long way from our hotel!

Although the blisters couldn't stop me or my mum from looking around the shops and my goodness they are out of this world! Theres around 5 Mango's, 5 Zara's, 5 H&Ms, Topshop, Sephora's and soo many more it is incredible and even the local shops are gorgeous!After probably 6 hours of walking and after checking into our hotel we went to get some food..another amazing part of Barcelona and I will be doing another blog based on the top places to go for food!

We went to Café Nollo and enjoyed our first round of Tapas! I'll give it to the chef because the food was amazing and was able to get me to eat food I would never eat! We had, croquettes with Iberian ham, grilled mushrooms (tastes like crisps), homemade crisps, spicy tuna salad, pork skewers and tomato bread. Cannot fault this place!

Day 2 we decided to take it easy and get to metro from the shops in Placa Catalunya to Barceloneta beach however that never goes to plan! We decided to walk through Las Ramblas and see the market which is amazing the amount of food there is, is incredible! After what seemed like walking 10 miles especially with blisters we decided to get some food right next to the beach. This place was by far the one of the best food places we visited! Its called Makamaka Beach Burger Café! Yes already its name is incredible, it was my aimt to find a burger place that was like 7Bone back in Bournemouth and the first burger place topped it! It was incredible, there are no words that can explain how good this food is and the chips are insane and a huge portion we got all this for 11 euros which is the average price in the UK for better quality and a glass of sangria wasn't too bad either!

After the burger we decided to chill on the beach for a little while and you don't realise how much sunburn you have whilst walking around till I was on the beach! We wanted to get the metro back however our feet our covered in blisters so we decided to be really touristy (if that's even a word) and get a Rickshaw back... I am not ashamed as it was amazing!

The day was really chilled because we saw the whole of Barcelona these past couple of days and we visited La Sagrada Familia it was absolutely beautiful and it was nice to see the Gracia district of Barcelona.

Then I started my new job and I absolutely love it, it has helped me learn so many techniques which has helped me get to know what works well with improving this blog content!

I have to mention Pura Brasa which was easily the best restaurant we went to! In fact it was that good we went twice! First time I had boneless chicken curry and it reminded me of my nans curry, and no one beat my nans curry so this was amazing! My mum had the steak which also looked amazing, for dinner it was Chocolate Bombs. They are basically profiteroles but reversed so it was warm chocolate sauce in the bombs and cream on the side and it was amazing! The next time we had each others meals so I had rump steak with chips and mum had the curry and it just was also incredible! This time I had a glass of Sangria which cost me around £4.50 which is normal price for a large glass but this glass was basically a bucket!

Thursday night I was able to visit the Magic Fountain at Montjuic which is something I've always wanted to do and it is stunning! You guys have to visit it, the colours and display of the fountain is beautiful and mesmerising! Definitely worth another visit whilst I'm out here!

In conclusion its been amazing! Will be blogging in he next couple of days but everyone needs to visit Barcelona, everyone told me how amazing it was and I didn't know why until I got here, you just fall in love with this city! Cant wait to go to the beach tomorrow and plan my weekend travels!

Mol xo

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