Sunday, 26 June 2016

Born Food Festival

Hey guys,

So my initial plan was to blog every Saturday. But today is well… the following Sunday and I feel very bad about not being consistent! But it has been a  crazy week at work with deadlines (which makes it all the more fun – I like a challenge) and also with a public holiday on Friday I have one less day in the office = more work to do in the week.
Last Saturday me and my best friend I met out here went to Born Street Food Festival, which was perfect timing after a night out meeting new people at 2 language exchanges! The day before we were in Barceloneta for the night out and walked passed it, the atmosphere was incredible.

So, any back to Saturday. We went to get our tickets, you got 8 tickets for 20 euros (there´s no Euro sign on a Spanish Keyboard… well this English girl can´t find one anyway!!). Which works out around 17 pounds (again either there isn´t or I can´t find a pound sign!), which is an amazing price for what we got! We both treated ourselves to a glass of Cava for one ticket. Everywhere you go in Spain you will always get Cava (it’s the City of Cava!). That left us with 14 tickets all together in which we decided to buy 7 different meals and share it and the portions were huge anyway and by the end I couldn´t talk because I was so full.

Where do I start? The Food. Wow. I have nothing else to say, the types of food we had were extraordinary. My aim for living here was to get involved in the lifestyle as much as possible and the opportunity to try Catalan Food was ideal. There were so many choices. My favourite was probably the beef sandwich, sliced beef cooked medium (the only way it should be cooked in my opinion), peppers in ciabatta bread almost. Simple yet the flavours were insane. I´m getting hungry talking to you guys about it even now and I´m getting hangry because I don´t know how to make it! We had these Black Noodles from the fish market (didn’t taste overwhelmingly of fish) but tasted awesome with a sauce on the side which was a mixture of mayonnaise and burger sauce (I don´t know why but it tasted like it). There was also a ham dish, just simple Spanish ham (best ham you will ever taste…ever) with breadsticks. There must have been some sort of seasoned oil because it tasted incredible.

On a side note I feel really bad for not taking note of what seasoning was on the food but I was that hungry and eager to eat I didn´t have a second to look at it because it was already digested!
Other than my three favourites there was so much there from seafood to cheese. If anyone is in Barcelona around this time go… just go and you can thank me later!

It was such a chilled environment too, there was so many people just happy to be there. That’s also another thing that’s different from England I think. Everyone here is happy, even walking down the street. Wherever you are no one looks miserable and there is a sense of motivation (I can´t explain it) when you see people. I never got that feeling in the UK but I am certainly going back a more optimistic and driven person. There was a trio of musicians providing music for everyone, people were dancing, taking pictures and just having a good time.
We went at the right time too! Because two hours later there was a lovely thunderstorm over Barcelona! Only one bit of thunder but it was huge! Luckily enough the rest of this week is over 30 degrees so I am one happy girly.
Next blog post is documenting the crazy week that this week is as its crammed full of stuff!
Tonight: I´m pretending I know how football works and watching the Italy vs Ireland game at an Erasmus event.
Thursday: Noche de San Juan; dinner with the girls and down to the beach till god knows when.
Friday: Hangover day at the beach and possible visit to Chocolate Factory…sorry diet
Saturday: Camp Nou
Sunday: Day of rest (probably another beach day without getting burnt).

Have a good week!
Mol xo

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