Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Unexpected Adventure

Hey guys, 

Welcome to my new blog. I recently started this new blog as I have just found out that I will be starting a new chapter which is the completely perfect time for me to make some new memories that I will keep forever. 

As part of my university course I have to do a placement year where I spend a year in an industry. I spent along time searching for a placement and I am so happy that good things come to those who wait! As I have been offered to be an Online Marketing Assistant for a company that is in an industry that I've always wanted to work in, Tourism! The best bit is... its in Barcelona! I have studied Spanish for 10 years now and I have always wanted to travel around Spain but I never tought I would have tis opportunity!

Although I study Events Management my main focul point I have always wanted to work in is Marketing especially within online media but also I love going on holiday and the service you get from planning to being on the holiday. So being part of the tourism industry is amazing!

I have a checklist of things I want to do including.. eating lots and lots of Tapas! When I visited Granada, as well as staying with a host family who provided amazing food we visited so many Tapas bars and oh my.. I miss Spanish food so much! Speaking of food, I read from a website that Sante Gelato is the place to go for Gelato Ice Cream! My aim is to be really healthy and cook as much as I can whilst in Barcelona as I would love to be a bit more creative with my food.

Lets get onto culture! The other reason why I am excited to visit Barcelona are the historic buildings and one of them I can't wait to visit is La Sagrada Familia, definitely one of the most famous buildings in the world! Its so beautiful and I cannot wait to finally be able to see it! Cannot wait to see Guadi's work! I have already been to La Alhambra in Granada and it was stunning and this is one of my goals to visit La Sagrada Familia!

The next place I want to visit is Parc Guell, its so beautiful with all the details of the buildings and the walls that it would be wrong not to visit it! 

Living in Barcelona wouldn't be right without visiting the beach, Barceloneta Beach is stunning and I cannot wait to spend my weekends sunbathing whilst trying not to make my friends and family jealous! 

I have always wanted to visit some type of Botanic Garden as I find them so pretty and so unique  and seeing pictures of the Botanic Gardens in Barcelona excites me so much as it is such a modern twist on landscape. I am so excited to visit this place as it's not something you can see everyday especially not in the UK!

Other than visiting the landscapes I hope to meet new people, make life long friends and be able to spend my time in Barcelona having new experiences with new people. I have been told of an app called MeetUp where people can connect with people through activities so definitely will be using this!

Anyone else got any tips on living in Barcelona please let me know!

Next blog will be my journey to Barcelona, although I feel that three weeks is a long time not to blog so I'll probably be blogging emotional stuff... in advance i'm sorry for any cheesy things I may say!

Have a good week, Molly xo

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