Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Fitness in Wanderlust

Hello again, 

So it is 11 days till I fly out to Barcelona and I will admit that my nutrition hasnt been on point and annoyingly been more bloated and my stomach looks like its put on about a stone. For me its not about how much I weigh its about how I feel in myself and keeping fit and healthy so I will have a positive outlook and I love pushing myself in the gym and changing my routine around. 

As my social media accounts always show, I am massively into my fitness. It has always been one of them hobbies that I want to take seriously and commit to the next level. For example, I love music and have been playing Piano for as long as I can remember and college was my chance to take it seriously by doing a music course and decided playing music as a serious career wasn't for me and I enjoy playing it as a relaxed hobbie. For fitness I have never felt the right time to properly commit and take it to the next level.

Moving to Spain is my time to start taking some other things seriously such as my education in practice, marketing, social media practice and to put my 11 years of Spanish into practice!

I will admit that my eating hasnt been on point recently as Ive been running around like a chicken trying to get everything sorted for the big move, im still training 4 to 5 times a week just eating rubbish!

I take my fitness very seriously in the fact that I make sure I work out and eat well and in Spain I want to take it up a notch, I am aiming to do alot of walking and visiting lots of cultural sites as well as join a running club. I probably won't join a gym as all the workouts I do on the LDN Muscle Plan I can do at home with some alternative weights to barbells and dumbbells. In terms of nutrition, I am going to take the rest of my protein that I have with me and when I do eventually run out I am going to find either some shops that sell whey protein or if not return to my usual brand and get it shipped but I'm trying to save money here!

I get so bored when cooking because I'm not that creative when it comes to cooking, I will try different foods in restaurants but I'm too scared to cook anything experimental in case I mess it up! However, I intend to make the most out of the Spanish markets with their cultural food, when I visited Granada for a week two years ago and stayed with a host family the food was amazing and I hated going back to English food!

Spain is definiely a new step for me and its the perfect chance for me to experiement with cooking and trying new foods and hopefully will allow myself to become more confident and be able to bring my nutrition up to a level which my fitness is on. When I do eventually move bakc home which I don't want to even think about right now as I know already that I will not want to leave Spain; I think I'll be able to focus more on nutrition, counting my macros and tracking my progress.

I am so grateful to have this chance in Spain its going to do wonders for my wellness, I will be able to train outdoors if it gets too hot, run around beautiful landmarks and eat so much food!

thanks for reading,

Molly xo

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